Wed. May 18th, 2022

MANILA, Philippines — President Rodrigo Duterte has ordered anew for a reshuffle in the Philippine National Police in an effort to cleanse the agency of “ninja cops” or those involved in the reselling of seized illegal drugs.

In ordering the reshuffle, Duterte claimed during his speech in Pasay before local executives, that despite the administration’s brutal crackdown on narcotics the drug problem “is still with us and by the millions.”

“It is the next generation who will suffer if we fail. We would really be affected because our children, they are facing a problem that they do not know and they have been dragged into this…son of a b****, you have to do something about this,” the president said.

“So I told the new (police) chief, (Gen.) Archie (Gamboa), reshuffle all police officials tainted with… even those with little involvement in illegal drugs, relieve them. All of them. Otherwise, we would have a problem.”

It was gathered that at least 26 police officials were affected by the latest PNP reshuffle.

The new PNP chief Gamboa last Friday called on 357 police officers who are being probed for alleged involvement in narcotics to apply for early retirement but made it clear they could still face charges.

“I’m not saying that I’m the only one who can solve it. Maybe my successor will do better. Who knows? I cannot claim the only one to be the savior of the nation. But if I don’t combat this, the next generation will be affected and will still be bogged with the problem of health,” the president said.

Duterte also lamented why some policemen are still involved in the illegal drug trade even if he already raised their salaries.

“Illegal drugs is about money… and it’s very dangerous. That’s why policemen are really entering (the narcotics trade)…the good and the large part of the police force, they are OK. But those who remain (in the narcotics trade), we will get rid of them,” he said.

“To the ninja cops…there is a time for you to be famous. You kill people and play with drugs…You were not contented even if your salary has been doubled. You need millions… But in the end, if I catch you, I will really kill you. Either you kill me or I kill you,” he added.

Duterte also urged the local executives to act on the problems caused by the “ninja cops.”

“To the local executives if you really love your country, do something about it.  Hindi mo naman kailangan patayin eh. I-torture mo lang hanggang mamatay. (You do not need to kill them. Just torture them until they die),” Duterte said.

The President admitted that the drug problem seems to be endless, noting that its transactions “come to the amount of billions.”

“Kaya ang totoo diyan human rights, kayo ang dapat tapusin (Human rights advocates are the ones who should be finished). You love your country whatever country you come from… You have a country that’s a s***. Me, I love my country and I love my children,” Duterte said. (IAMIGO/

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