Wed. Jan 19th, 2022

By Evangeline Dy

Feisty as ever.

THE host and the studio audience of morning show “Magandang Buhay” were surprised when suddenly, Annabelle Rama, the feisty mother of Ruffa Gutierrez and twins Richard and Raymund Gutierrez popped up in the show while her husband Eddie Gutierrez was being interviewed in its recent episode.  

  It looked like Annabelle did not like how Eddie answered a question that he is always the one who gives in and woos his wife whenever they have a misunderstanding. 

At this juncture, Annabelle rushed on stage like a speeding train and eventually blabbered her lines: “Pag nag-aaway daw kami sinusuyo daw niya ako. Never siyang sumusuyo sa akin. Wala sa kategorya ni Eddie Gutierrez ‘yung manligaw  at saka manuyo. Kaya ako na lang ang magsu-surrender para bati na kaming dalawa.”(When we quarrel, he said he is the one wooing me. Never did he do that, it is not in the category of Eddie Gutierrez to woo me to win my heart again. So it is always I who surrenders so we could be okay again.)

The Gutierrezes were guests at the morning show “Magandang Buhay”  and one of the topics was the forthcoming wedding of Richard and Sarah this coming March after some years of living together and now with two sons.

Annabelle was asked for a message to Sarah and without batting an eyelash, she blurted:  “My message to Sarah is to stop being jealous, you are getting married anyway.”

According to her, she couldn’t blame Sarah as she used to be like her when she was young. She likes to be with Richard, so that’s how it is, like I was, when I fell in love with Eddie.

“When one of you is not in the mood, be patient, don’t counter him with anger but rather understand him for your relationship to last,” was her straight forward piece of advice to Sarah.

In return, Sarah thanked Annabelle. “Thank you, Tita. I love you as my own mom. I’m happy that we’re this close, I’m happy that I can talk to you about everything and now I have two mommies. So, I love you and thank you for everything.”

She even defended her future mother-in- law, “You might think that Tita Annabelle is snooty ang somebody you would be afraid of, no, she’s not. She is very caring especially for her family and friends.” 

As the wedding of Richard and Sarah nears, how true is it that Annabelle has her own guest list?

We can only wait and see….(iam/

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