Wed. May 25th, 2022

By Evangeline Dy

MANILA — SHARON Cuneta’s temperament was again tested when netizens started lambasting her for all the snide remarks — albeit not directly mentioning her daughter KC’s name — she posted on her Instagram account.

For a while, Sharon was again vocal in her interviews, that she’s somewhat disappointed with her eldest since she has never made her presence felt and has not communicated with her as often as her two other daughters Frankie and Miel are doing, who are both super close to her.

All along, netizens thought that the controversial mother and daughter have patched up and have resolved their differences, until lately, when they were making remarks in their respective social media accounts as in like a word war was about to explode.

KC posted her sweet moments with her dad Gabby Concepcion while she is praising him like how handsome he is and all.

Alongside this, Sharon posted about daughters Frankie and Miel whom she is so proud of because they are both loving and kind.

These didn’t escape the netizens critical eyes and so they came to KC’s rescue, as they feel Sharon is making it appear that KC is a bad daughter.

In her latest post, the megastar praised Angel Locsin giving her a litany of good adjectives on how good the Kapamilya actress was to her.

Looks like a netizen was really on guard of Sharon’s posts that she immediately segued with: “That’s too much Ms Sharon. All you do is mock your eldest without mercy. She is just being quiet, it’s only now that you posted like that because you have other purpose—just to mock your daughter. I am not a fan of KC but I pity her, you need not do this on social media and be even proud of what you’re doing. To think that you are highly educated and you came from a good family. God bless you!”

Of course, Sharon didn’t take it sitting down. She bashed back at the accusing netizen with a code @mymp.28.

Sharon posted: “@mymp.28 Is being thankful to somebody who did me good already a mockery? Be broad minded enough.

More from Sharon, the public doesn’t know the real reason of her resentment so they have no right to judge her.

She said: “@tiptopthank you. But you don’t know what’s really happening. Is this an endless disappointment, resentment? It could be a deeper reason. So just don’t meddle.” She even added:”@rennetteledesmavaleriano you don’t know anything! Hahaha.”

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