Wed. May 18th, 2022

By Evangeline Dy

MANILA — It looks like America’s Got Talent is losing its credibility all for the reason that the Philippine representative to the show Marcelino Pomoy failed to make it as the grand champion.            

In different blogs and from what the watchers have observed, one of the judges and the most critical Simon Cowell seemed to have manipulated the show so that Pinoy pride Pomoy will not hit the highest prize.

A YouTube channel  of a certain  Katalinuhan P, he or she tried to review the record from the time Pomoy started in the contest until he sang Beauty and the Beast, a piece which endeared him to the judges as they were really impressed by his rendition of the song.         

According to her, almost all the YouTubers believe that he has the most number of views in all his performances especially when he sang “Time To Say Goodbye” which became number one on YouTube at that time.

Some even commented that Marcelino could be in the league of Jennifer  Lopez and Sakira in their performance at Super Bowl as far as number of views is concerned.

In all the surveys, they claim that Marcelino should have been declared as the America’s Got Talent champion.

Accordingly, it was obvious and they all felt that Simon never liked Marcelino. A certain YouTuber Master Lee observed that all what Simon gave were negative comments for Pomoy.

Another YouTuber  noticed the same appearance of Simon who was wearing the same T-shirt  and the same audience background.  The comment was it was recycled comment even the hand gestures.        

They were also surprised how Simon questioned  Marcelino’s choice of song  Beauty and The Beast when the fact is, it was Simon who picked the song for Marcelino. A sabotage, they quipped.

Anyway, Marcelino Pomoy’s journey on America’s Got Talent is over, but, his admirers ire remain towards Simon Cowell.

For them, the talent show has lost its credibility and is no longer worth watching. (iam/

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