Wed. May 25th, 2022

MANILA — Amid impending protests, the National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) on Friday recalled a memorandum directing policemen to list the names of Muslim students studying in Metro Manila’s high schools, colleges, and universities.

Signed by Police Maj. Michael Garcia dated January 31, 2020, the orders police stations to submit an “updated list of Muslim Students in High School, Colleges, and Universities” as part of “the strengthening of peacebuilding and counter violent extremism.”

NCRPO chief Debold Sinas said the NCRPO will ask the Directorate for Police Community Relations “to reconsider their directive.”

Sinas said he will also order the Manila Police District’s Salaam Police to meet with Muslim student leaders in the city “to accomplish the projects and activities for the Muslim community.

Sinas made the remark after a photo of the memorandum on the measure went viral on social media.

He said the data from this will be used for the Salaam Police Center which conducts programs geared toward strengthening the partnership between the police and Muslim communities.

“(The Salaam Police Center was established to) oversee the diverse cultural differences and concerns, especially in the aspect of safety and security,” Sinas said in a statement.

The memorandum dated January 31, the Manila Police District ordered its commanders to provide an updated list of Muslim students in their area of responsibility.

He said among its function was to do close monitoring, networking and liaising activities with Muslim communities and other communities in addressing terrorism and lawless violence in their respective areas.

“PNP conducts short ugnayan (dialogues), training, seminars and continuing education for our Muslim brothers that aims to establish a good rapport with the community. We firmly believe that one’s religion should never hinder us in pursuit of lasting peace and harmony thus, PNP through the DPCR (Directorate for Police Community Relations) includes Salaam Police Center as one of its top priorities,” said Sinas.

He noted that the NCRPO is one with Filipino Muslims in praying that peace and order, public safety, equality and progress of the nation will be achieved despite diverse beliefs. (iam/

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