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PROMOTED. Naval Inspector General, Commodore Sean Anthony Villa (right) and 1st Marine Brigade commander, Col. Jonas Lumawag (left) are given arrival honors during the donning ceremony at the Philippine Navy headquarters in Manila on Wednesday (Feb. 26, 2020). Villa and Lumawag were promoted to the ranks of Rear Admiral and Brigadier General, respectively. (Photo courtesy of Naval Public Affairs Office)

MANILA — Two senior officers of the Philippine Navy (PN) and Philippine Marine Corps (PMC) were honored in a donning ceremony after being promoted to the next higher rank on Wednesday.

The ceremony took place at PN headquarters at Naval Station Jose Andrada, Roxas Boulevard, Manila.

Promoted to the higher rank of Rear Admiral was Naval Inspector General, Commodore Sean Anthony Villa, while promoted to Brigadier General was 1st Marine Brigade commander, Col. Jonas Lumawag.

PN flag-officer-in-command Rear Admiral Giovanni Carlo Bacordo led the donning ceremony and lauded the two officials for their “well-deserved promotion as a reward for their leadership excellence, extraordinary dedication to duty and relentless commitment to service”.

He also reminded them that “promotion is only the start of your journey into the new realm of leadership that is critical to the defense posture of our maritime nation”.

Villa is a member of the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) Class of 1987. He has built a reputable and distinguished naval career as he held various significant posts prior his designation as TNIG, notable of these are the Assistant to the Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations at the AFP General Headquarters, commander of the Naval Forces West in Palawan and commander of the Offshore Combat Force of the Philippine Fleet where he chaired the Technical Working Group for the Frigate Acquisition Project.

Meanwhile, Lumawag of PMA Class of 1990 has held various key positions in the Philippine Marine Corps being the commander of its 1st and 4th Brigades.

He also served as the Chief of Unified Command Staff of Western Mindanao Command and Commander of the then Naval Air Group. (ia/

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