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WARNING. Capt. Alexander Cabales of the Philippine Army on Friday (Feb. 28, 2020) orients CUP students on several recruitment activities and the deceptions of the CPP-NPA and its allied militant organizations. CUP administration and Hands Off Our parents linked up to hold an information drive among youth. (PNA photo by Lade Kabagani)

MANILA – Students of the City University of Pasay (CUP) have been warned against the several recruitment activities of the New People’s Army (NPA) and the deceptions of its allied militant organizations to the youth.

In an awareness forum on Friday, the CUP academe tied up with the Hands Off Our Children to hold an information drive to the students how militant organizations led minors to join the NPA to add more members to the longest-running communist movement in the country.

Melvin Crisostomo, dean of the CUP’s Student Affairs Office, said the students’ vulnerability needs to be monitored and must be protected.

“We conducted the awareness forum here in CUP to awaken the minds of our students on what is really happening in our society—that no one is gaining good in joining the rebel groups,” he said.

Crisostomo added the CUP administration is willing to take the risks to protect its more than 5,000 students against the wrong ideologies of militant organizations.

“It is a matter of how eager our education sectors guide them on the right path and letting them realize the consequences of their wrong decision—specifically being an activist and eventually joining the Lefts,” he said.

He added their institution will not tolerate any kind of activities that will entice their students to enter the armed rebellion.

“We can let the students voice out their sentiments and frustrations against the government. They have the freedom to express, but we will not allow them to be lured by the leftist organizations,” he said, noting that there are proper fora to air grievances to the government.

He added the CUP will not allow communist front organizations to recruit their students, saying they will do their best to intervene and they will implement substitute parental authority over their students.

“Enjoy life with your family, have goals in life and continue a profession that will benefit the country,” he told the students.

Youth’s perceptions

For CUP student Justin Jann Reyes, being aware of the deceptions committed by the CPP-NPA allied groups—including recruitment of minors– plays a vital role in protecting youth’s right to express their sentiments.

“We don’t need these wrong ideologies to express our sentiments,” he said.

Reyes admitted he was touched by the parents who shared their experiences with their children who were taken away from their homes and left their families to become full-time members of leftist organizations.

He urged his fellow students to be exposed to real situations of the country instead of listening to the leftist’s deceptions.

Meanwhile, Relissa Lucena, mother of Alicia Jasper who was reportedly recruited by leftist organization Anakbayan, said the students have to understand the adverse effects of the communist’s ideologies on the youths.

She said the parent’s pains—whose child was taken away from them—is indescribable.

Lucena reiterated how it breaks her heart seeing her daughter poisoned by the wrong ideologies indoctrinated by Anakbayan.

“Wala na ako magagawa para sa anak ko pero kaming mga magulang na nawalan ng anak dahil sa mga komunistang grupong ito ay may magagawa para sa ibang bata at habang ginagawa namin yun, naniniwala kami na kapag nagtulung-tulong tayo mawawakasan din ang pananamantala sa mga kabataan at sa pamilyang Pilipino,” she said, citing that the leftist organizations are taking advantage of the youth’s vulnerability.

(There is nothing I can do to my child, but for us, parents who have lost our children because of these communist groups can save other children, and as we do so, we believe by helping hand-in-hand, the exploitation of our youth and the Filipino family will be stopped.)

The League of Parents in the Philippines and Hands Off Our Children—which comprised of parents who fight against the longstanding communist insurgency– have been staging a series of information drive in the universities and colleges to raise awareness on the recruitment of minors.

The CPP-NPA is listed as a terrorist organization by the United States, the European Union, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the Philippines. (PNA)

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