Wed. Sep 22nd, 2021

MANILA – The Philippine Airlines has on Sunday said only 200 personnel were laid off not 300 as earlier reported even as a labor group assailed the mass termination as grounded on “corporate greed” and not that of the scourge of coronavirus.

The Philippine Airlines on Saturday said the retrenchment was made to cut costs from flight suspensions losses and travel restriction to many countries threatened by the outbreak of Coronavirus Disease 2019.

Last Friday it announced letting go of 300 workers consisting of ground-based administrative and management personnel but PAL later made clarification that of the figure, only around 200 workers were laid off. About a hundred were accepted the offer of voluntary separation with benefits.

“The streamlining will strengthen the company in the wake of losses sustained in 2019, aggravated by the ongoing travel restrictions and flight suspensions to areas affected by COVID-19,” the flag carrier said on Friday.

But labor advocate Defend Jobs Philippines refused to accept PAL’s “alibi” saying more than anything else the move reeks of corporate greed and that is the “major reason for the gradual slashing down of its workforce.”

“We condemn this utmost grand display of deception of the PAL management just to justify this new round of massive termination of its workers. We suggest for PAL admin to try harder next time in making incredible alibis and justifications just to cover-up its anti-labor actions,” Defend Jobs Philippines spokesperson Thadeus Ifurung said in a press statement.

The labor leader claimed that massive terminations had been taking Ifurung added the airline has had been at it even before the COVID-19 outbreak.

“Endo-virus and union busting-virus — and not coronavirus — are the real reasons behind the massive termination of workers in PAL over the past decades,” he said.

“Unlike with COVID, there is no vaccine that can cure corporate greed and the phobia of this airline company of losing profit.” (Iamigo/

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