Sat. Jul 31st, 2021

MANILA – Whistleblower Myrna Gonzales reiterated Monday the case she recently filed with the Office of the Ombudsman over an alleged irregular bidding project contract amounting P450 million against Apo Production Unit Incorporated (APUI) president and chairman Michael Dalumpines is strong enough to pin the accused down along with other officers.

Accompanied by lawyer Alfredo Villamor, Gonzales faced the media recently where she accused Dalumpines, Apo Board of Directors and the members of the Bids and Award Committee, namely, (1) Josefina L.Omol, (2) Frederick S. Tarun, (3) Dominic F. Tajon,  (4) Michael D. Santiago and (5) Ramon L. Matibag of allegedly rigging the P450M million peso bidding process that favored disqualified joint venture bidders Irsis Corporation and Mara Linux and Business Solutions.

BAC chairman Karl Paulo Damian was also included in the case.

Gonzalez’s complaint was filed with the Ombudsman on Monday, 24 February 2020, where she accused Dalumpines, members of board and BAC members of conspiring with each other in an effort to tilt the result in favor of the joint venture even as they were already disqualified from entering into the bidding process.

It was gathered that in the course of the bidding, the BAC violated Republic Act 3019, otherwise known as the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act, and Republic Act 6713 (Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees).

Gonzales further explained that Dalumpines and his co-conspirators committed graft and corruption when they manipulated the result of the bidding to favor the IRSIS/Mara Linux Group in spite of the disqualification of the said bidder.

The APO Technical Working Group (TWG) has recommended for the disqualification of the IRSIS/ Mara Linux Group, and yet Dalumpines and his band allegedly twisted the arm of the TWG to close its eyes on the rigging of the bidding process she said.

Facts are clear

Gonzales and her lawyer averred the facts are clear as shown from the documentary evidences attached to the complaint that Irsis Corporation and Mara Linux Joint Venture did not comply with a very vital requirement which is the submission of statements of contracts already undertaken such as Single Largest Completed Contract (SLCC).

Irsis Corporation and Mara Linux Joint Venture accordingly deceived the BAC by crediting to its name a contract undertaken by a separate Joint Venture of CAI-STA, Comclark Latent Image and Philcox Phils., Inc. which it awarded way back in 2013 just because some of the stockholders thereof are also stockholders of Irsis Corporation.

Such claim has no basis in law and is not allowed under RA 9184 and GBCC Rules.

Said officials allegedly conspired to give unwarranted benefits, advantage or preference in the discharge of their duties.

The whistleblower also assailed the officials’ manifest partiality as they awarded in bad faith in favor of the “joint venture” the contract for the Procurement of Security Features, Enhancement and Application Support/Maintenance of Internal Revenue Stamps Integrated System (IRSIS) For Tobacco under Public Bidding No. 18-19 [IRSIS] last 22 November 2019.

This, Gonzales’ lawyer said “in spite of the fact there were timely questions being raised on the several insufficiencies of IRSIS when it submitted eligibility and technical documents during the September 25, 2019 bid opening which showed that IRSIS Corporation and Mara Linux and Business Solutions Joint Venture were disqualified to participate in the said bidding.

Another graft, corruption case filed

Earlier another whistleblower, Peter Go Cheng of Sta. Cruz, Manila, also filed a complaint with the Presidential Anti-Corruption Commission for graft and corruption resulting to grave misconduct and serious dishonesty in office against the same officials led by Dalumpines.

The BAC chairman Karl Paulo Damian was also included in the said complaint.

The whistleblower stated that these graft and corruption cases of these officials must be exposed to address the long-awaited prospects of President Rodrigo Duterte that graft and corruption in government must be finally eradicated. (iamigo/

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