Thu. Sep 23rd, 2021

MANILA — The former security guard who took dozens hostage at Virra Mall inside the Greenhills Shopping Center surrendered and was later subdued following several hours of negotiations Monday evening, March 2.

After hearing his former bosses apologize and submitted their resignations letters, hostage taker and former security guard Archie Paray let go all of his hostages.

He then took and he engaged in a 20-minute monologue against his bosses’ alleged unfair treatment of him and his fellow guards.

At the end of his “privilege speech,” Paray turned to San Juan Mayor Francis Zamora and asked the local chief executive whether he (Paray) would end up in prison or in the cemetery.

Zamora stalled and then five cops tackled the suspect to the ground causing a quick panic and there the cops spotted a pistol on Paray’s waist.

During the negotiations between the hostage taker and the cops was for him to leave behind his weapons in the office where he held his hostages since past 11 am.

The suspect also had a gun and grenades when he took the hostages.

The local chief executive averred there were 60 to 70 hostages, as opposed to the earlier reported figure of around 30.

Following his arrest, Paray was escorted away by National Capitol Region policemen.

After the suspect’s arrest, the Greenhills Center Management said the hostages had been turned over to the police for debriefing and other necessary assistance.

“Management continues to cooperate with authorities and will have a post-incident assessment with the police to avoid a repeat of this unfortunate situation,” GCM’s statement said.

“Management will also look into allegations made by the hostage taker against security agency officials who allegedly take bribes from tenants to disregard shopping mall policies.” (iam/

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