Thu. Jul 29th, 2021

MANILA – The Philippine National Police-Highway Patrol Group (PNP-HPG) on Wednesday deployed a special unit composed of female motorcycle riders in all police camps nationwide as part of the campaign against illegal vehicles.

Brig. Gen. Eliseo Cruz, HPG director, said the deployment of lady officers is a part of efforts to uphold gender equality and women empowerment.

In Camp Crame, female HPG personnel have been sent to guard the gates of the PNP national headquarters.

Cruz said the women bikers would be on the lookout for ‘hot cars’ including motor vehicles and motorcycles with delinquent registration entering the camps.

Members of the HPG All-Women Team have began assisting the HPG-NCR in checking vehicles entering Camp Crame.

A lockdown inspection has been implemented in all PNP camps, particularly in Camp Crame.

“Ginagawa natin ito as much as possible araw-araw kasi para (ma-comply) yung kautusan ng ating Chief PNP (Gen. Archie Gamboa) na walang gagamit, sinumang pulis, (ng illegal vehicles) [We are doing it as much as possible everyday to comply with the order of the Chief PNP that no police officers will use illegal vehicles],” he told reporters.

The Land Transportation Office (LTO) has also deputized the HPG to man highways, he said.

A total of 600 illegal vehicles were already impounded by the HPG, Cruz said.

Cruz said 40 lady bikers have been deployed in EDSA to help in the unit’s operation and the lady bikers were trained with basic training on motorcycling.

He assured the continued deployment of the women bikers in EDSA and all camps of the PNP.

“We are mandated to operate against carnapping, highway robbery, and hijacking and even we enforce traffic laws,” he added. (iam/

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