Wed. Jul 28th, 2021

MANILA – The “thumbs up” sign from Philippine National Police chief Archie Gamboa himself was enough to assure well-wishers, relatives, and the public at large that he is safe, recovering from shock at a hospital after his service chopper crashed in San Pedro, Laguna Thursday morning.

Reports have it that Gamboa, along with five other companions are relatively safe and conscious with minor injuries.

However, Major Generals Mariel Magaway and Jose Ma. Ramos reportedly remain unconscious, at this writing and posting.

Bearing body marks of RP3086 bell 429, the PNP chopper crashed at around 8:10 Thursday morning at the Laperal Compound in San Antonio, San Pedro City following an inspection of an impounding area on the place.

Poor visibility due to dust was partly blamed on the chopper crashed, as the pilot accordingly misread the dangling wires from a nearby electric post.

Aside from Gamboa, also onboard were PNP chief, Brig. Gen. Bernard Banac, pilot Lt Col. Zalatar, Pilot, co-pilots Lt. Col Macawili and Sgt. Estona, crew; Capt Gayrama, aide de camp of the chief PNP.

The victims are presently confined at the nearby West Lake Hospital in Pacita, San Pedro, and at South Woods Hospital.

The crash site remains cordoned and secured by the local PNP and HPG. (iamigo/

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