Tue. Aug 3rd, 2021

MANILA – The Philippine National Police (PNP) on Thursday denied reports circulating on social media that it had issued an order to put the National Capital Region (NCR) on lockdown in wake of the rising number of Covid-19 cases.

“Contrary to some reports circulating in the social media, please be advised that the PNP has not issued any order for a lockdown in the NCR,” the PNP Public Information Office said in a statement.

It that it is only the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council which can issue such an order to address the current public health emergency.

“Nonetheless, the PNP is continuously enhancing its preparations to address any contingency. We will update you of any development as the need arises,” the statement added.

Meanwhile, the Philippine Army (PA) has stepped up precautionary measures to contain the spread of the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) at its headquarters in Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City.

In a statement released on Thursday, Army spokesperson, Col. Ramon Zagala said all units and offices at the PA headquarters have already taken necessary steps to protect the health and safety of military personnel, civilian human resource, and their dependents as well as other persons entering and leaving the camp premises.

A triage tent has also been set up by the Army General Hospital (AGH) wherein persons who have shown symptoms like cough, shortness of breath, other respiratory symptoms or diarrhea; or have visited other countries recently; will undergo a screening interview.

Zagala added the AGH is also working on the proposal of providing thermal guns to every establishment inside the PA headquarters.

Thermal guns are used by military police battalion personnel at the PA headquarters gates to monitor every person’s temperature before going inside the camp.

“As we are constantly looking out for the health and safety of the people in the Army, the command is taking necessary measures in avoiding and containing the spread of the virus. We ensure that everyone going in and out of the camp are thermally inspected and are directed to use disinfectants available in all receiving areas,” PA chief, Lt. Gen. Gilbert Gapay said.

The AGH and the Office of the Army Chief Surgeon have conducted troop information and education activities to inform the military police battalion and personnel of the Army Wellness Center since these units accommodate the most number of crowds.

Other measures taken include cancelation of mass formations like flag-raising ceremonies and the designation of quarantine areas inside the camp to cater to patients under monitoring.

The AGH calls on taking preventive actions through proper hygiene, keeping away from crowded areas and physical contact, use of face masks when necessary, coughing etiquettes, eating healthy foods while avoiding raw meat or not thoroughly cooked meals, and seek medical attention if any of symptoms appear.

“We encourage everyone to practice proper hygiene, hand washing and preparation of food. Let’s be cautious while remaining calm. We are hopeful that this virus will not last and will not affect any more of our military and civilian workforce,” Gapay added. (PNA)

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