Sun. Sep 19th, 2021

MANILA – The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) on Wednesday advised all Filipino travelers to take note of the latest travel restrictions imposed by the Liberian government in response to the spread of coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) worldwide.

The temporary travel restrictions apply to all Liberia-bound visitors who will be placed under various measures depending on their travel history.

Those residing in countries where there are more than 200 cases will immediately be at a “precautionary center” for a 14-day mandatory monitoring.

Meanwhile, those arriving from states with around 50 to 100 cases will be evaluated upon entry and will be placed under observation if his/her specific geographic area of origin over the past 14 days registered over 100 cases.

At present, the Philippines has so far 49 confirmed cases of Covid-19.

The DFA said travelers arriving from or residing in countries with less than 50 cases will be documented by the Liberian government and would be asked to do self-monitoring.

Those holding Laissez-passer passport or a new passport, on the other hand, will be immediately taken for a second round of screening at a designated screening center, and will be placed under 14-day monitoring at the designated monitoring center, should they be found to be circumventing existing Liberian travel restrictions.

Filipinos en route to Liberia who may encounter any issues or problems related to the travel restriction are urged to contact the Philippine Embassy in Abuja, Nigeria at +234.90532.44916 (ATN) or +234.81025.41252 (Consular).

The DFA likewise advised the Filipino public to remain vigilant and remain “accurately informed” as countries impose or adjust travel restrictions. (PNA)

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