Tue. Jul 27th, 2021

MANILA – The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) announced on Thursday that it has officially terminated 95th Season for the year due to the 2019 coronavirus disease (Covid-19) outbreak.

“The National Collegiate Athletic Association has announced through the Policy Board of Season 95 president Francisco Cayco of season host Arellano University that NCAA Season 95 is terminated,” Peter Cayco, the chairman of the league’s management committee, said in a statement.

The NCAA initially called for an indefinite postponement of its games earlier this month, but a copy of the resolution regarding it bore that the ManCom suggested the termination of the season.

With the Covid-19 pandemic worsening especially in the Philippines where the confirmed local cases have jumped to more than 200, the league opted to agree with the suggestion.

“First and foremost, what was considered was the safety of the athletes, students, fans, and officials,” Cayco said.

On whether the graduating players who are now affected by the total cancelation of the season can still return next season, Cayco said “eligibility matters of athletes being raised shall be discussed later.”

The NCAA is eyeing a late start to Season 96 in August. (PNA)

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