Sun. Aug 1st, 2021

MANILA – The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has suspended the entry of all valid visa holders including residency visa holders, who are currently out of the country, for a renewable period of two weeks, the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) announced Thursday.

The suspension, effective starting March 19 due to the new coronavirus disease (Covid-19) pandemic, also covers those holding tourist visas, the agency told Filipinos.

“Tourist or visit visas or newly-issued work visas, which have not been utilized for entry to the UAE on or before 17 March 2020, are deemed canceled,” it said.

The agency likewise reminds all Filipino nationals that South Africa has imposed various travel restrictions on visitors, also due to the deadly virus.

Travelers who came from “high-risk countries” such as China, France, Germany, Iran Italy, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and United States were required to present themselves for testing, while travelers from “medium-risk countries” as identified by the South African Department of Health will be required to undergo high intensity screening.

“All entry of foreign travelers with ordinary passports, regardless of compliance with visa requirements, traveling from or transiting through high-risk countries, is prohibited until further notice. Visas already issued are revoked with immediate effect,” the DFA said in a bulletin.

“Likewise, visa waiver agreements with countries identified by the South African Department of Health as high- and medium-risk will be temporarily suspended,” it added.

Citing these travel restrictions, the DFA advised the Filipino public to remain vigilant and accurately informed. (PNA)

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