Wed. Sep 22nd, 2021

Dear Mr. President,

You have not scrimped on the generosity of the powers of the Presidency when you instituted the Enhanced Comprehensive Local Integration Program (E-CLIP).

Under what otherwise known as the Balik-Loob Program, you have extended an arm and a leg, nay staked the whole prestige of your Office, to construct a “whole nation approach” to reach out to Communist terrorists who return to the fold of law.

Within Balik-Loob, a complete package of assistance specifically tailored to their needs qualified beneficiaries are entitled to say the least to guaranteed safety and security; immediate cash assistance upon enrolment, firearm remuneration, health services, housing, 4Ps, employment or livelihood opportunity, access to loans. Legal assistance, alternative learning systems, psycho-social services, college tuition and stipends for children, entitlement to transitional grants and “Pamana” projects.

More than 10,000 have already taken advantage of the Balik-Loob Program. The estimated strength of the CPP-NPA-NDF is now estimated to be no more than 2,000.

Yet the hubris of Jose Maria Sison and his congress of baboons, continue to suffocate the peace process.

Today as our whole nation combat the specter of Covid-19, whose side have his scarred conscience taken?

On March 15, 2020, Sison himself led in misleading the world of the lie that your administration is culpable for “letting COVID-19 spread for more than two months in the Philippines.

“The Duterte regime is totally unprepared to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic and to safeguard the health of the Filipino people because it has cut the meager DOH budget by Php 16.6 billion for 2020 in order to favor the regime’s military overspending and other graft-laden programs and projects.

‘There is gross absence of public health personnel and resources over wide areas. This abets the further spread of the pandemic. There is no testing for Covid-19 infection at the community level. In more than 95 percent of communities at the barangay level, there are definitely no testing kits for use by health workers.

“Provisions are absent for bed spaces in hospitals, clinics and improvised places for patients. There is a scarce supply of masks, thermal scanners, disinfectants, medicines and oxygen tanks. Those already infected with pneumonia due to Covid-19 are certain to die in most cases.”

On March 18. 2020 – your call for unilateral ceasefire declaration was adjudged by Sison as premature, bereft of any basis for reciprocation by the National Democratic Front of the Philippines of which he heads.

“There is communication going on between the GRP and NDFP negotiating panels. But there is yet no agreement for reciprocal unilateral ceasefires in connection with certain considerations, requirements and modalities. There has to be catch-up on these matters, if still possible. The ceasefire declaration by the GRP or the Duterte regime is premature, if not insincere and false.

“The NDFP is not assured and satisfied that the reciprocal unilateral ceasefires are based on national unity against Covid-19, the appropriate solution of the pandemic as a medical problem and protection of the most vulnerable sectors of the population, including workers, health workers, those with any serious ailments and the political prisoners.

“Unless it receives sufficient assurances from the GRP, the NDFP will be inclined to think that the GRP unilateral ceasefire declaration is not sincere and is not intended to invite reciprocation by the NDFP but is meant to be a mere psywar trick.”

On March 19, 2020 – his spokesman accused you of militaristic strategy in face of COVID-19 pandemic bodes far worse fate for Filipino masses.

“As the situation unfolds, it is becoming clear to the Filipino people that the US-Duterte regime’s militarist strategy is not meant to address the health crisis but to preemptively stifle dissent that is sure to ensue as the burdensome effects of lockdowns and community quarantines become increasingly felt by the civilian population.

“Flaunting their sheltered and insensitive ruling class status, Duterte’s sycophantic minions meanwhile insist that the effects of the pandemic in the people’s economic situation will be “ephemeral,” going as far as idiotically insisting that the poor can afford to go hungry since no one has died of hunger.

“As is the policy of this fascist reactionary regime, Duterte has elected to subject the Filipino people under military control instead of delivering concrete remedies such as beefing up the country’s health sector to squarely address the spread of the disease, and ensure that the masses of workers and peasants receive economic safety nets to tide them over as the effects of the pandemic unfold.”

Why are you negotiating with a verified terrorist? You know that since time immemorial this buffoon has been trying to exact regime change by whatever means possible. Right now, he is even in conspiracy with the noisy opposition and their oligarchic patrons and foreign hegemons.

How can he live in Netherlands, a country in the European Union that has declared the CPP-NPA-NDF as a terrorist organization, except if under the protection and patronage of a superpower that present itself as our ally?

Sison’s language is as malicious as it is deliberate: “The Duterte regime is weaponizing the Covid-19 pandemic to intimidate and coerce the people to submit to the scheme of fascist dictatorship and perpetuation of the Duterte dynasty beyond 2022 despite the tyrant’s deteriorating health, which is conspicuously indicated by his ashen face and incoherent speech.”

Mr. President, before the people believe this Sison who is a prevaricating mass murderer of many of our countrymen, it is now time to disregard the advice of your bosom friend, Silvestre Bello III, himself you confirmed to be a communist and a traitor to the nation.

First, Silvestre Bello III, your chief negotiator failed miserably on the only condition you have set, that the talks will have to be held in Philippine territory.

Second, the Communist Terrorist Group set impossible demands requiring you to sign a Comprehensive Agreement of Socio-Economic Reforms that will give them the right of sharing your powers as President acting as a shadow government.

Third, such agreement will abolish the duty and function of the Armed Forces of the Philippines as protector of the people and state, and its replacement by the New Peoples Army.

And finally, again that we are at war against Covid-19, the Communist terrorists have taken an adversarial position, yes on the side of our enemy, a virulent virus.

I repeat, Sison himself admits – “There is communication going on between the GRP and NDFP negotiating panels.” So what is Bello telling the other side for the past three months? What has Bello brought to the table that is worth even a minute of your time?

In all candor, allow me to ask – Were the ten cases of graft and corruption, treason and abuse of authority, complete with a compendium of evidence, that I filed before the Ombudsman, not yet enough to prove that this man is an outlaw?

What more proof do you still want that Sison and Bello are in bed together running circles around you?

The Communist scourge is a lot worse than a virus. The latter will eventually evaporate under the heat of summer, but the Philippine government has been talking with Sison for more than 50 years. Covid-19 can never outdo what ravage Communist terrorism has dealt our nation in terms of lives taken, families crippled, institutions damaged and progress denied and delayed for the past half century.

It is a pie in the sky Sison will lay down his mouth. He has mustered a fortune from donations of gullible countries to afford him to live in affluence in Netherlands. He will never give that up even for you whom he touts around as once his student.

Mr. President, this peace talks with the Reds have already entered a dead end. 

The Balik-Loob Program is there to heal our nation and give her prodigal sons a new beginning.

As for the violent holdouts and recidivists, the Book Ecclesiastes says it’s time to kill. (ia/

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