Sun. Aug 1st, 2021

MANILA –President Donald Trump has on Thursday debunked a report by CNN claiming he is under isolation at the White House even as the United States surged past China and Italy with most cases of coronavirus or COVID-19.

On his Twitter account, Trump called the CNN purveyor of fake news because according to him he is very much busy attending to official function at the White House.

“I hear that Fake News CNN just reported that I am isolated in the White House, wondering out loud, when will life return to normal? “Does anybody really believe that? There was no leak, they made it up – they are CORRUPT & FAKE NEWS….” Trump said.

Meanwhile, United Kingdom’s Mail Online reported that the United States now has the most number in coronavirus cases in the world with 83,553 infections and 1,205 deaths.

The new figures were released Thursday and it showed the US (83,553) has overtaken China (81,340) and Italy (80,589) with the number of confirmed cases in the global pandemic.

However, Italy is considered as still the hardest hit country in the world in terms of deaths with more than 8,000 fatalities.

China, where the pandemic began in December, has recorded more than 3,000 deaths.

The number of coronavirus infections have now topped a half-million worldwide.

It comes after the World Health Organization this week predicted a grim outlook for the US, saying that the country would quickly become the global epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic given the ‘very large acceleration’ of confirmed infections. 

Italy’s coronavirus death toll on Thursday soared by 712 to 8,215 with more than 6,100 new cases recorded, taking the global total past half a million.

The nation’s total number of confirmed cases has risen to 80,539, almost as many as China, where COVID-19 was first detected in December. 

The nation’s Civil Protection Agency reported 712 deaths in Italy today, bringing the country’s death toll to 8,215 – by far the highest in the world.

Worldwide, there are now 510,108 coronavirus cases with 22,993 deaths from the virus. (ia/

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