Wed. Sep 22nd, 2021

By Lt. Gen. Antonio Parlade

As we assist the Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases in the containment of the Covid-19, we will continue to secure our communities from the more virulent virus that is the Communist Party of the Philippines, its armed component the New People’s Army and its public face the National Democratic Front. 

The arrogance of its chairman-emeritus Jose Ma Sison’s in not immediately reciprocating the unilateral ceasefire or suspension of military operations (SOMO) declared by the President was of course motivated by his desire to pull a fast one against the Armed Forces of the Philippines and frontline responders against Covid-19.

The NPAs attacked troops visiting communities re COVID-19 virus in Kabasalan, Zamboanga Sibugay, in Lianga, Surigao and in Kapalong, Davao del Norte.  It also started killing indigenous peoples or lumads supportive of localized peace initiatives and of the government’s Balik Loob Program for surrenderees.

The communist terrorists in Rizal and Quezon were even poised to launch an attack against our communities in Puray, Rodriguez, Rizal.

Acting on the community’s info that the NPA was planning to attack, the troops executed a community defensive posture a kilometer away from the village. It resulted to the preemption of enemy attack, the killing of a high-ranking officer of the rebels, recovery of an M16 rifle, a hand grenade, a rifle grenade, and several CPP and Bayan paraphernalia.

It caused one casualty among the soldiers but his heroism enabled a blessing when the former terrorist mass base decided to support the government’s platform to welcome back those among them who would resolve to return to normal life and be a productive member of society.

Sison is so detached from the realities in the Philippines.

The beleaguered oxygenarian keeps on saying his army is growing but how can that be possible with the recent killing of the top NPA leader in the Philippines, Julius Soriano Giron, head of the Communist Party of the Philippines’ (CPP) National Military Commission, and overall chairman of the New People’s Army (NPA)?

Giron who was with Lourdes Tan Torres, a member of the CPP Executive Committee, and an unidentified male serving as Giron’s security aide at the time of the arrest, was wanted for rebellion, arson, and frustrated murder. The three resisted arrest, resulting in a firefight that led to their deaths.

The killing of Giron and the capture of many NPA leaders and political officers, has encouraged desertion and exodus of many from his ranks.

As we speak, Army commanders in Quezon have reported the surrender of three more NPAs:

One of them is Arnel Merenio Abrencillo alias “Mark/Velasco”, 23, single, resident of Barangay Malabahay, Macalelon, Quezon who voluntarily surrendered to the Army’s 85th Infantry Battalion of 2nd Infantry Division.

The two others were Jayson Alpahora Capatasan alias “Alwin/Aldrin/Oka/Oca” of Barangay Magsikap and July Pepito Penaverde alias “Erwin/Endong” of Llavac, Real, Quezon who surrendered to the Army’s 80th Infantry and First Infantry Division.

Last March 28, the eve of the 51st anniversary of the NPA,  two  ranking CPP-NPA leaders in Occidental Mindoro, namely  Dominador Penciano alias “Totsie/Jai/Naria”, and Joel Mejaro alias “Lenny/Libby,” surrendered to Sablayan Mayor Andres Dangeros after seeing the sincerity of the government’s Executive Order 70 that created the Balik-Loob Program for former rebels.

On the same day, forty regular NPA members and Militia ng Bayan (MBs) surrendered to the government in the areas of General Nakar, Quezon and Kalayaan and Sta Rosa of Laguna, turning in 14 firearms, war materiel, including 1 M16, 1M14, 2 Carbine, 1 Garand, 5 pistols, rifle grenades, and ammunitions.

The killing of Giron is definitely a severe blow to Sison’s hubris, a major cause of demoralization on the ground among the few remaining stragglers of a lost cause.

Giron  party wife Annie Tauli is Execom member of Ilocos Regional Party Committee and sister of Victoria Tauli Corpus.

Tauli-Corpus is a former CPP-NPA who has been included as one of more than 600 people declared by the Philippine government as terrorists.  She even said the charges are entirely baseless and malicious in a telephone interview by Thomson Reuters Foundation.

Now that she has become accredited as a UN Special Rapporteur, what can we expect her to say? Who would admit that one is a terrorist?

It is communist terrorists like her who feign legitimacy as they feed fake news to local and international organizations like the New York-based Human Rights Watch who has been misled in slamming the Philippine government’s action as a virtual hit list.

Last December, Tauli-Corpus said thousands of indigenous people had been forcibly displaced from their homes in Mindanao, and asked authorities to end abuses against them that had escalated under military operations.

She said: “The government sees this as an opportunity to pursue people they don’t like, to quell criticism and opposition and I am worried for my safety and the safety of others on the list, including several rights activists.”

This is nothing new for what has been going on for the past five decades. The terrorist just uses one personality depending on who is in front of them. We have Sison on video explaining how the CPP-NPA operates legally in the Philippines through the use of front organizations. The terrorist will just employ investigations by Karapatan and elements like Tauli to exaggerate reports reaching the UN Human Rights Council.

This is classic lawfare intended to becloud the momentum of former rebels surrendering to the government effectively exposing the failure of Oplan Talsik together with the Oust Duterte Movement against Tyranny that we exposed in 2018.

Think how this is going to impact Sison’s credibility in the international community as his principals connect the dots to the point of illustrating how his International Solidarity Works defrauded the UN, EU, and several international organizations?

As he ponders on whom he will replace Giron, Sison must rethink if this violent National Democratic revolution of his and its ragtag armed component still has a place in this chaos brought about by Covid-19 virus.

I dare Sison to surrender now as he should consider capitulating while at the peak of his theatrical success, remembered as a rebel who fought remotely in the comforts of Netherlands rather than in the Philippines with the rest of his communist rebel comrades.

Now with their fast dwindling numbers, Sison even has the temerity to call as revolutionary his remnant force composed of students, young children, and the marginalized indigenous peoples.

This bolsters why on top of the Philippines, the CPP-NPA has been listed as a terrorist organization by the United Kingdom, the European Union, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

The CPP-NPA-NDF virus, indeed, is worse than Covid-19.

Sison should ask himself whether his “violent National Democratic Front” still has a place in the Philippines as the country and its people go about with their efforts to stop the spread of the dreaded Covid-19.

Covid-19, like any viral pandemic, will soon leave the world as the virologists and other medical scientists are well on their way to discover appropriate vaccines, best care protocols and antidotal cure.

But I consider the CPP-NPA-NDF ideology and its armed terrorists deadlier than Covid-19, because as the pandemic heals, they will continue to kill many of our countrymen, just as they have killed thousands of Filipinos for more than 50 years. (ia/

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