Sat. Jul 31st, 2021

MANILA – The Department of Health reported Tuesday (31 March 2020) what could be the biggest single-day spike of 538 coronavirus cases in the country.

With that number (538), the country now holds a total of 2,084 positive COVID-19 cases overall.

The DOH also reported seven patients recovered from the disease bringing the total of recoveries to 49 even as 10 succumbed to the virus that pushed the total of fatalities since Day 1 at 88.

 A day before Monday (30 March 2020), COVID-19 cases in the Philippines stood at 1,546 with 42 recoveries and 78 deaths.

Meanwhile, confirmed COVID cases worldwide now stand at 787,000 with 166 thousand recoveries and 37,820 deaths.

The United States remain highest on COVID-19 positive cases at 164,000 including 6,000 recoveries and 3,000 fatalities.

Italy is next with most cases of the virus at 102,000 and 15,000 patient recoveries. It has the biggest number of COVID-related deaths at 12,000.

Spain now ranks third with 88,000 of confirmed cases; 17,000 recoveries and 8,000 deaths.

Claiming to have flattened the curve, China has an almost stagnant count of 81,400 cases and a big number of recoveries at 75,770.

Deaths in China, which is planning to lift its lockdown on April 8, 2020, is dormant at 3,304.

As COVID-19 case in PH rose, President Duterte placed Metro Manila under community quarantine last March 13, 2020 before expanding it to the whole of Luzon as also under lockdown two days later.

Last Monday, 23 March 2020, Congress held special sessions and granted President emergency powers to better address the scourge of the virus which the World Health Organization declared as world pandemic. (ia/

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