Sun. Aug 1st, 2021

President Rodrigo Duterte had earlier dismissed Cabinet members on the basis of what he says “whiff of suspicion”. This he did during peace time.

Today we are engaged in a war never before conceived and expected by the genius in warfare. Covid-19. Tasked to lead the battle is Health Secretary Francisco Duque.

Sadly, while the war was brewing in Hubei, China, he watched akimbo and failed to draw a battle plan. When the enemy crept into our shores, he was so lackadaisical when he was supposed to lead and execute the battle strategies.

Unfortunately, he has none.

At that time, the Philippines did not even have a single testing kit, and we had to send to Australia, thousands of miles away, the swabs taken from patients suspected to have been infected by Covid-19.

Fast forward, it has been awhile now since President Duterte was given emergency powers and in turn shared this with his generals. Still our front-liners – doctors and nurses and other health workers – severely lacked their only battle gears. Personal protective equipment (PPEs) and masks.

Duque is overwhelmed by the problem and regrettably paralyzed. Weeks had elapsed but he failed to place orders for those necessary gears. He simply waits in the bend for donations.

With the billions that the government had set aside for these battle gears and ammunitions Duque does not know where and when to start. In the meantime, the number of casualties, our front-liners included are dead and are dying.

In utter confusion he refused to accept the offer of China for their health experts that had first-hand knowledge to help us in our predicament. Foreign Affairs Secretary Teddy Boy Locsin could not contain his temper; he threatened to shock him in his stupor.

Then his department insulted China by alleging that the test kits which China donated do not meet WHO standards. The DOH later issued a correction and a mea culpa.

Yesterday was April Fool’s day!

Mr. President sir, please get rid of this fool. He is a certified lame duck.

We want a man who can muster the situational conditions. We are not running out of an action men. Tap anyone of them to lead us in this war until the battle is won.

There used to be a proverb which guides commanders in the battles of yore: “Don’t change horses midstream.” It still applies today, yes, but we are not talking here of a horse which has more common sense.

Look who’s behind the fake news

“Confeermed” Facebook page fabricated quote card already got almost 5,600 reactions with a pass-on readership of around 755,000 netizens.

The page, plus public FB groups – “Sen Trillanes Power” and “VP Leni Robredo Angel Warriors International — are the post’s top traffic generators”.

This is part of the findings of fact-checker Vera Files which slammed the “Confeermed” for fabricating a quote ascribed to Sen. Christopher Lawrence “Bong” Go as saying he will suggest to Pres. Rodrigo Duterte to replace “whining government employees” with Chinese workers by granting them civil service eligibility.

Ellen Tordesillas, president of Vera Files bluntly said that the statement which had been making the rounds in social media was fabricated by Confeermed and dubbed it as “Fake”.

The other damning revelation which the fact-checker bared was that two other Facebook groups, namely “Senator Trillanes Power and “VP Leni Robredo Angel Warriors International” are Confeermed’s posts top traffic generators.

Vera Files noted that the fake quote was posted on March 1 by Confeermed, that also regularly publishes content critical of the Duterte administration.

Knowing that Vera Files is also critical of Duteterte’s administration, I inquired from Ellen to ascertain whether their report I read on FB is true. Her response was straight forward: “Jun, we do not want lies, regardless of political color”.

Well, that’s the fact-checker speaking and she even enunciated that “the neophyte senator did not make such a statement”

Says Vera Files: “A cursory search of the whole quote and a keyword search using only parts of the quote have yielded no official record or document proving that Go really made the statement. No media organization reported on it either.”

This is the third attempt to discredit Pres. Rodrigo Duterte by opposition quarters by implicating Bong Go in some shenanigans knowing how intimate and trusted he is to the Chief Executive.

The first try was when they made a fuss over a scribbled note on the documents that pertain to the purchase of naval frigates which Bong, who was then head of the Presidential Staff, referred to the Department of National Defense for appropriate action.

He was summoned by the Senate even as the head of the Navy, Vice Admiral Ronald Mercado, declared that Bong has nothing to do with the frigate deal which was approved by the Aquino administration.

The second try was when the so-called whistle-blower alias “Bikoy” linked him to a fairy tale titled “Ang Totoong Narco List” which was later debunked by Jumel Advincula who admitted to being the hooded man Bikoy.

And then the preposterous story of Confeermed which quoted the Senator as saying he will propose to Duterte to issue civil service eligibility to Chinese nationals so that they can replace Filipinos who complain of meager salary.

The idiots behind Confeermed did not even check whether this is possible under the Philippine laws.

Well, Bong Go had become inured to the desperate moves of the dying opposition he simply issued a brief denial and went on with his work in the senate and untiringly extends assistance to victims of calamities and establishing Malasakit Centers in nearly every nook and corner of the country.

It is despicable that while Sen. Christopher Lawrence “Bong” Go is doing his best as a legislator and public servant bringing government closer to the people there are characters who will not stop at nothing to gain or regain power.

I wonder who is funding “Confeermed”, “VP Leni Robredo Angel Warriors International” and “Sen Trillanes Power”?

I hope it’s not taxpayers’ money. (ia/

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