Sat. Jul 31st, 2021

GUIHULNGAN City, Negros Oriental — A complaint was filed here Monday (06 April 2020) with the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) by a resident this city against city Mayor Carlo Joan Reyes who allegedly violated the rules passed by the Inter-agency Task Force and Bayanihan Law on the mandated social distancing requirements amid the coronavirus crisis.

The complaint said Reyes unlawfully played politics amid the crisis by urging residents of Barangay Poblacion to form a line towards the City Hall where he personally handed food items to each and every resident.

By lining to receive their food items, the eager residents were very close to each other in clear violation of the principle of social distancing and this, the complainant said, was instigated and tolerated by Reyes himself who is supposed to observe the proper rules and regulations imposed by the national government to prevent the spread of the virus.

Earlier, the chairman of Barangay Poblacion allegedly requested from Reyes to give their village’s share of food and money items for them to distribute the items to residents of their barangay direct to their own houses to save them from lining up and dangerously exposing themselves to Covid infection.

But Reyes rejected the request of the village chairman even as the mayor, he said, granted similar requests from other barangays in their city.

Accordingly, the act of Reyes smacks of politicking as he singled out Barangay Poblacion of not giving them their share of money and food items outright only because the chairman of the said Barangay is a political opponent of the said Mayor.  

Such an act by the mayor is clearly a political maneuver which should not be expected nor condoned during the Covid-19 crisis the complainant said.

The said complaint is now under investigation by the DILG and according to Undersecretary Epi Densing, the Regional Office of the DILG is now verifying the report as the alleged action of the errant mayor is backed up by videos and photos.

Densing said that after the DILG’s verification of the issue, the mayor should expect a show cause order from the department and proper cases of criminal and administrative will be filed appropriately.  (ia/

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