Wed. Jul 28th, 2021

MANILA – Faced with an unseen, highly contagious killer disease, Filipinos can still smile amid the uncertainties of a global health crisis.

And the Philippines is no stranger to many “Acts of God” like this one that saw more than half of the world under lockdown in an effort to stem the tide of the virus.

As a fitting tribute to all the many acts of kindness and sacrifices of front-liners and healthcare workers, the Department of Tourism recently released a video entitled “Smile” featuring a rework of the beloved 1990’s Eraserheads song, “With A Smile.”

Fittingly, the video salutes the resilient and brave men and women at the frontlines: medical health workers, grocery and convenience store clerks, delivery men, basic services and utility crew members, and the police and military officers who keep us safe Philstar said.

Directed by Joel Limchoc, the video was pieced together from existing user-created videos and photos already posted online in social media and the news media. Much like the DOT’s lauded “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” campaign, it was put together through authentic, 100 percent crowdsourced content.

Ely Buendia, who composed “With a Smile” for the legendary band, the Eraserheads, generously allowed the use of his composition.

Singer and songwriter Bea Lorenzo provided heartfelt vocals over a sparse, cinematic reworking of the classic anthem. For Lorenzo, part of the video’s subject matter struck close to home, as both her grandfather and father are medical doctors.    

“Smile” is a reminder of what remains good in the Filipino. As the familiar tune reaches its uplifting climax, the video reminds every Filipino, “Nothing can take our smile away.”

The video has been viewed 3.5 million times and shared 91,000 times on the DOT Facebook page. — Video from YouTube/Tourism Philippines

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