Wed. Jan 19th, 2022

MANILA — The Department of Health (DOH) has on Monday (20 April 2020) logged in 200 new patients with confirmed coronavirus cases, pushing the country’s total of impacted individuals to 6,459.

Recoveries, meanwhile, marched on to 613 after 41 more patients beat the killer virus that rendered more than half of the world’s population under total or partial lockdown and the economy in tatters.

Fatalities, the DOH said on its 4 p.m. report, were recorded at 19 more people who succumbed to the killer virus. In all, PH’s death toll is now 428.

There are only 10 more days left of the 15-day extended lockdown in the entire island of Luzon, and health officials said the numbers or statistics shall determine whether another extension will be considered after the April 30 deadline.

As it is, health experts and government officials are waiting for strong and solid evidence or signs of the virus slowing down and “flattening of the curve.”

Worldwide cases

Worldwide, there are now 2,404,249 confirmed cases of coronavirus including 624,725 recoveries and 165,234 fatalities.

The United States still leads among nations with 770,564 cases; 70,799 recoveries and 41,114 deaths.

Spain is a far second at 198,674 cases 77,357 recoveries and 21,238 deaths; followed by Italy at 178,972 cases; 47,055 recoveries and 23,660 deaths.

Germany has 145,184 cases; 83,438 recoveries; 4,586 deaths while the United Kingdom has 120,067; no recorded recovery and 16,060 deaths.

France has a record of 112,606 cases; 36,578 recoveries; and 19,718 deaths; Turkey has 86,306 cases; 11,976 recoveries and 2,017 deaths; China has 82,747 cases; 77,084 recoveries and 4,632 deaths; Iran has 82,211; 57,023 recoveries and 5,118 deaths; Russia now have 42,853 cases; 3,291 recoveries and 361 deaths.

Brazil, which has 38,654 cases; 14,026 recoveries; 2,462 deaths occupies the 11th spot while Belgium rose up 12th in cases at 38,496 including 8,757 recoveries and 5,683 deaths. (iamigo/

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