Tue. Sep 21st, 2021

BACOLOD CITY – The General Alliance of Workers Associations (GAWA) in Negros Occidental paid tribute to the front-liners who fight the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-2019) as the country observes International Labor Day on Friday.

Secretary-General Wennie Sancho said these front-liners, regarded as “heroes and martyrs”, should never be forgotten.

“Remember them with a deeper and richer meaning — that a health crisis can be overcome by human love and compassion and above all, by our solidarity against Covid-19 as workers from various sectors,” he added.

Sancho said that GAWA honors the modern-day heroes such as health care workers, including doctors, nurses and other medical professionals, police, and military personnel, and all those who have made sacrifices in the struggle against the pandemic.

He cited the courage and fortitude especially of the front-line health care workers in fighting against the dreaded virus.

“They offered their services and even their lives without counting the cost so that others may live. They symbolize human love and altruism. Some of them died answering a noble cause above and beyond their call of duty as front-line health workers,” Sancho said.

“We salute them as we remember them not with sadness, but with a firm resolve to emulate the highest form of human sacrifice they had rendered motivated by a sense of responsibility to prioritize the needs and welfare of others rather than their own,” he added.

According to GAWA, the front-line health workers have remained true and faithful to their calling despite the discrimination, the physical and emotional stress, and their vulnerability to the contamination of the virus.

Sancho said that by honoring the front-liner workers in observance of the International Labor Day, “we can stand with pride and walk with heads unbowed knowing fully well that they deserved this accolade.”

As of Wednesday, data of the Department of Health showed that 1,552 Filipino health care workers are infected with Covid-19.

A total of 32, including doctors and seven nurses, have died while 232 healthcare workers have recovered.

Data from the Philippine National Police showed that 96 police personnel are also infected as of Thursday. These include three fatalities and 13 who have recovered. (ia/PNA)

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