Thu. Jul 29th, 2021

MANILA – Government agencies may provide transportation and accommodation for employees to ensure their safety once mobility restrictions are eased, an official of the Civil Service Commission (CSC) said Tuesday.

In a radio interview over DZBB, CSC Commissioner Aileen Lizada said such support mechanisms allow for an easier working environment in the public sector amid the continuing threat of the pandemic.

“This is not in the AWA (alternative work arrangement) pero ito ‘yung support mechanism natin sa mga empleyado. Alam natin meron tayong mga training halls, dormitories, baka pwede ho i-convert natin at pwede sleeping quarters for employees, ‘yung mga (This is not in the alternative work arrangement but this is our support mechanism for our employees. We know we have training halls, dormitories which we can convert into sleeping quarters for employees especially those who are) willing to stay inside,” Lizada said.

She said agencies have the resources, such as vehicles, that can be used in transporting employees who go on a daily commute to and from work.

“Meron tayong mga coasters, vans, baka naman pwede gamitin para ‘yung mga government workers hindi na ho makikipagsabayan sa (We have coasters, vans, which we could use so that government workers need not compete against the) commuting public,” she said.

Lizada suggested that agencies with a limited number of vehicles may hire buses, jeepneys, and vans as “shuttle service” for employees if their budget allows it.

She said some operators are open to such arrangements and at this time when public transport is limited due to the quarantine measures, agencies may consider the option.

“Right now, mahirap kumuha, to earn income these days, so, tayong mga nasa government, i-hire natin sila. They can coordinate with the Department of Transportation for this, malaking tulong sa empleyado ng gobyerno at (it is difficult to earn income these days, so, we in the government, let’s hire them. They can coordinate with the DOTr for this, this is a great help for government employees and the) private sector,” she said.

Government agencies could adopt alternative work arrangements — work from home arrangement, skeletal workforce, four-day compressed workweek, and staggered working hours to curb the spread of Covid-19 in the workplace.

The CSC earlier said in a statement that an agency may adopt work arrangements consisting of a combination of these, or other work arrangements appropriate and applicable to the agency considering the prevailing community quarantine in the area where it is located and the nature of work of its employees. (ia/PNA)

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