Tue. May 24th, 2022

By Lt. Gen. Antonio Parlade Jr. (NTF-ELCAC)

“Arf!” “arf!” Look who’s barking?

For fifty-one years the Communist Party of the Philippines was able to master the art of deceit and blatant lying and that kept us a divided country which is full of hostilities and hate for each other.

As I have said in the past, no true revolution has taken this long to protract to lean and insignificant numbers.

Yet this communist inspired insurgency has taken its toll on the best of our youth who were targeted mostly for their talent in speaking and writing, not so much to inspire but to be used and exploited by Jose Ma Sison to fight his war of toppling our democracy, and supplanting it with his frail models.

Propaganda is CPPs masterpiece.

Luckily some of these former communist writers and organizers have survived the communist purge of the 80’s to tell their story. Some were eventually enlightened to help the government understand how the communist mind and propaganda machinery works.

What we are writing now is basically culled from their own experience in the underground, using some of their words as products of deep reflection and introspection after they have resurfaced.

These former cadres are now guiding us so that we may finally end this insurgency, as the NTF-ELCAC is mandated to accomplish.

Insurgency is 90 percent political warfare and 10% armed engagement.

Further, that political warfare is 90 percent “propaganda” and 10 percent “tactics.”

This is where the AFP and the government failed in the past. For the longest time the AFP has prosecuted this war with 90 percent of its might (just as the US did in Vietnam) but it did not have the wherewithal to address socio-economic issues thrown at them.

How can an AFP officer raised apolitically, understand that insurgency has NEVER been a result of poverty? How will he argue that social injustice did NOT cause a young peasant to join the NPA, if not for the Sandatahan Yunit Propaganda (SYP) that agitated him?

Indeed, how can a smart cadet win over an equally smart “tibak,” radicalized in KM and ARMAS (hence underground CPP members) if he does not understand that these “scholars” were targeted for recruitment by the CPP from amongst their collective allies in CPP organized and led CEGP, NUJP, LFS, ARTiSTA, Kabataan, etc., to form part of the CPP and NDF Propaganda Bureau?

Well, this is what happened to 80 percent of those who made that media petition arising from the ABS-CBN brouhaha. The list of petitioners is long but does the rest of them understand that they are being exploited and dragged again, as we predicted a few days ago, by these commies?

Red-baiting is an old trick for CPP Agit-Prop! The NTF-ELCAC is not picking a fight on the innocent media. ABS-CBN workers and their media friends should know better. The CPP only wish that the government will red tag all of them.

But no, we want to isolate and secure them from Joma’s stooges.

This is a showdown between Joma’s propagandists and the truth. Truth versus their lies.

So yes, we dare Inday Varona and the other long-time cohorts of the CPP in the media to expose themselves some more. The same International League of Peoples’ Struggle (ILPS) “legal fronts” already did: Karapatan, NUPL, NUJP, CEGP, Anakbayan, Bayan, Bulatlat, Altermidya, Kodao, Tudla, Kilab, Northern Dispatch, UJP, all of which were creations or acquisitions of the CPP itself.

We don’t need to tag them red. Just go to their websites and read how they build this franchise issue into an “OUST DUTERTE” move.

If you support a terrorist like Joma and the CPP, who had been killing our indigenous peoples (IPs), raping their fighters (men included), massacre-ing their own kind, attacking our democratic system, why should people believe you with your fascist and tyrant narrative?

We will have worse under the CPPs proletarian dictatorship. Its proletarian so where do you think your professional journalistic and artistic talents will go under a communist franchise?

And what about you oligarchs? Have you forgotten Pol Pot and his Khmer Rouge? Do you think you will be spared by the communists who look down on you as class enemies and exploiters?

They talk nice today because they need your money and influence. But what’s next for you when they take over?

Yes, the ABS-CBN issue is about CPP propaganda so it falls under NTF-ELCAC’s mandate.

For so long as ABS-CBN owners, management and employees allow their issues to be exploited by the CPP-NDF, yes you will continue to be persons of interest to us.

Amnesty International’s non-sequitur

“Martial Law!”  cries Butch Alano, director of Amnesty International on the closure of ABS-CBN.

What martial law are you talking about? Has NTC stopped the operation of GMA7, TV5 Network, CNN Philippines, and hundreds of television channels on cable and satellite disc? Has it stopped PDI, Phil Star, and any other print media? Has it silenced thousands of radio stations all over the country?

So what suppression of press freedom are you talking about?

Your communist allies and writers in the print media are still writing their pieces and getting interviewed over broadcast.

In the case of ABS-CBN, these sovereign assets are frequencies assigned to it for commercial broadcast. Did you complain when ABS-CBN exclusively covered the forum organized by communists in the Quezon City Sports Club to agitate people and to destabilize the government? Martial Law ka dyan?

The issue here is simply the regulation of a franchise. That prerogative of the State is enshrined in the Constitution. Granting a franchise is the exercise of the sovereign power of a state to allow the use of sovereign assets for an assigned period of time.

The franchise is a usufruct(usage) right  and since it is a right to use, regulation and accompanying rules to prevent abuse comes as a matter of course. These rules are designed to protect the citizens of this country and general interest of the media industry.  Since a franchise is a privilege and is not a right, when the term for the granted franchise expires, it is the prerogative of the state to renew or not renew such a franchise.

The case of ABS CBN can be likened to Rappler’s. We have laws and regulations to follow and promote and it is not the law of the rich and powerful.

Be thankful because for the first time in history there is an equalizer who will not budge about how some rich and mighty people think that they are more ‘equal’ than others.

Stop harping on a non-issue. Unless you want us to suspect that you have already converted dissent into a form of livelihood.

Yes to law and order!  Otherwise you might just get the martial law that you deserve.

Sison’s shift to offensive

Does Jose Ma Sison know that the NPA terrorist in Southern Luzon  that he ordered to shift from ‘ceasefire-kuno‘ to ‘offensive’ starting May 1 barely have arms and ammunitions? Many of their high powered firearms have been captured by our troops.

They also lost their medicines, foodstuff, claymore mines and thousands of ammunitions. This is exactly what the former rebels were saying: “Puro utos si Joma hindi naman kami handa at suportado niya sa bundok!”

Truly, kalunos lunos ang kalagayan ng mga NPA sa bundok. Wala na makain dahil wala ng suporta sa masa. At lalo pang na-marginalize because of the Covid-19 outbreak.

Sapilitan nilang kinukuha ang mga bigas ng Mangyan sa Mindoro. This has become obvious because the supplies we capture from them as they attempted to escape are assorted and mixed up.

Nagkakasakit na sila ng Covid19 kasi naghihiraman sila ng gamit kusina at baso na ginagamit tuwing nag iinoman. Mapuputla at payat ang mga armado kaya tuluyan na nilang iniwan ang mga armas at kagamitan, lalo na at napatay ang kanilang Platoon Leader.

Liquor ban ngayon kaya sinumbong sila ng isang masa na napagutusan umigib ng tubig. Wala na rin masyadong makunan mula sa red fighters sa mga labor union dahil madami na sumuko ng nakaraang Labor Day.

So tama ang kanilang Partylist representative na si human rights lawyer and activist Carlos Isagani “Kaloi” Tabora Zarate na ceasefire na lang option nila. Sabi rin ng mga cadre nila, “betterer” kung sumurrender na sila ng tuluyan,  tutal, nagpapasarap lang naman ang kanilang among si Joma Sison sa Utrecht (Netherlands).

Magdamayan na lang tayo sa krisis na dulot ng Covid-19. Tapusin na natin ang kahibangan ng CPP-NPA-NDF terror group.

Mag-Balik-Loob na para guminhawa na rin ang buhay ng ating mga kapatid na naligaw ng landas.

Now na!


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