Mon. Jan 17th, 2022

MANILA – The Department of Health reported Friday the second highest single-day record of recoveries as typhoon “Ambo” stormed through virus-stricken Philippines.

Attending physicians cleared a total of 123 patients from confinement of coronavirus Friday that pushed the number of survivors to 2,460 overall.

The highest record on recoveries in a single day was posted last May 13 at 145 survivors.

New cases break 12K at 12,091 to be exact with the National Capital Region registering anew the biggest count of 144 patients or 67% followed by the 69 (32%) tally of different Regions save for Region 7 which only chipped in but two (2) patients out of the 215 cases of the day.

It was sad to note though as there were 16 more patients who succumbed to the killer disease that continues to ravage the world over in the absence of a potent anti-COVID-19 vaccine.

Overall, there are now 806 deaths in the country whose health crisis situation was only made worse by typhoon “Ambo” which barreled through Eastern Visayas and many parts of Luzons packing strong winds and dumping heavy rains.

This forced tens of thousands of people to flee their homes and seek refuge in temporary shelters that all but raised concerns such as a potent breach on health protocols.

Enforcement of physical distancing and other health protocols that are supposed to guard people against the virus would be nightmarish to control or implement among evacuation centers an official who requested anonymity said.

Worldwide, the deadly disease has already infected 4,440,989 individuals including 1,587,780 recoveries and 302,376 fatalities.

The United States stays as the most ravaged country by COVID-19 registering a total of 1,448,810 impacted citizens.

That number is followed by Russia’s 262,843; United Kingdom with 233,151; Spain with 229,540; and Italy, with 223,096. (ia/

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