Tue. Sep 21st, 2021

MANILA – National Policy Against Covid-19 Deputy Chief Implementer Vivencio Dizon said the government targets to finish the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) testing backlogs within two weeks.

In a Palace briefing on Thursday, Dizon said the government is addressing the issue of Covid-19 test backlogs by partnering with the private sector.

“The private laboratories have agreed to accept the backlogs or those that have not yet (been) tested by different laboratories, like government laboratories, and they will test it in the next days. They actually started it today,” he said in Filipino.

The government is also pushing for automation in testing to fast-track the results, Dizon said, adding that automation would increase capacity by 80 percent.

“Many of our laboratories in Metro Manila are experiencing backlogs because of mechanical defects and lack of supply. That’s why there are delays in testing,” he said, noting that the results of about 7,000 Covid-19 tests have not yet been released.

Dizon, who is also the Presidential Adviser for Flagship Programs, and Bases Conversion and Development Authority president and chief executive officer, said the country has 30 testing laboratories.

The testing capacity also increased to 14,500 tests as of May 10, with actual daily testing of 8,700. (ia/PNA)

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