Wed. May 25th, 2022


By Sam Blitz for MailOnline

UNNITED Kingdom — A mother has urgently advised fellow parents to look out for Kawasaki disease affecting their children after her five-year-old son fell seriously ill with the condition.

Hannah Fields and her husband Luke, from West Yorkshire, became concerned with the health of their son, Harry, after he developed an inflammatory fever and an alarmingly-fast heart rate which left him unable to stand.

Harry was admitted to a hospital ward amongst patients with coronavirus at Leeds General Infirmary where he had to be given antibiotics, fluids and steroids through a drip for five days after being diagnosed with the disease.

Kawasaki disease, which causes blood vessels throughout the body to swell and causes a ‘pinprick’ rash, fever and swollen lymph nodes, is believed to be linked with COVID-19 as it is a sign that a child has suffered from the virus in the past.

Harry first fell ill on April 24 after developing a temperature and a sore throat, which caused him to have a lack of energy and no appetite, but a GP suspected it was tonsillitis and treated him with antibiotics.

However, Harry’s condition deteriorated a week later when he started hallucinating and developed a temperature exceeding 40 degrees and a heart-rate of 169bpm, which forced his parents to call 999. (ia/MailOnline)

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