Sat. Jan 22nd, 2022

MANILA – Philippine Navy (PN) logistic support vessel, BRP Bacolod City (LS-550), has arrived in Sangley Point, Cavite City on Wednesday after completing its mission of picking up personal protective equipment (PPE) sets in China and delivering it to Davao City.

The ship is now docked at the Commodore Rudiardo A Brown Beaching Area, Cavite City, said Philippine Fleet public affairs office chief, Lt. Vanessa Layco, in a statement Thursday.

Officers and enlisted personnel of BRP Bacolod City were welcomed home by Philippine Fleet commander, Rear Admiral Loumer P. Bernabe, in a simple ceremony.

“Arrival honors were accorded to the vessel in order to recognize the laudable efforts of the officers and crew who undergone the said transport mission,” Layco said.

The BRP Bacolod City was tapped by the government to transport the PPE sets acquired from China by the Department of Budget and Management earlier this year for use of the Department of Health personnel in their ongoing efforts to contain the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) outbreak.

This shipment consisted of 700,000 KN95 face masks and 200,000 sets of PPE, comprised of goggles, coverall suits, head cover, gloves, shoe covers, surgical masks, and surgical gowns.

The Philippine Fleet also acknowledged its stakeholders, the Naval Reserve Command and the Pacific Roadlink Logistics Incorporation (PRLI), through their chief executive officer, Bennet Go, for their support and generosity in lending some 33 container vans, which was used to store the PPE sets while aboard the ship.

“I am proud that along with the imminent threat of Covid-19, you were able to overcome the rough seas and strong winds of the open sea, traversing surely and safely to equip our men and women in the front-lines. I commend you all for the smooth execution of this mission without any injury, sickness or casualty,” Bernabe said to the BRP Bacolod City’s crew.

The ship departed Sangley Point last April 21 and arrived in Zhangzhou Harbor, Port of Xiamen, China on April 25.

BRP Bacolod City left China on April 30 after completing the loading of the PPE sets and arrived in Davao City on May 8 where it unloaded all of its medical supplies.

It left Davao City on May 14 for Zamboanga City before heading back to Cavite City. (ia/PNA)

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