Sat. Jul 24th, 2021

MANILA – The Philippine Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry Inc. and the Philippine Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce donated 75 tons of rice to several local governments in the Philippines.

At least 500 bags of 50-kilogram rice were delivered each to Mexico, Pampanga; Batangas provincial government; and Pasay City Hall, the Chinese embassy in Manila on Wednesday said.

“The 1,500 bags of rice are intended to help more than 20,000 households under home quarantine due to the epidemic, especially the Filipino people who are unemployed at home,” it said in a statement.

The donation follows the two organizations’ financial assistance and provision of test kits, masks, goggles, and protective clothing to the Philippines.

During the donation activity, President Zhang Hongyang of the Philippine Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce said the Chinese and overseas Chinese groups in the Philippines will continue to support the government in different ways “to give back to the Filipino people.” (ia/PNA)

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