Wed. Aug 4th, 2021

MANILA – The number of patients who have survived the killer coronavirus disease (COVID-19) hit 3,000 as the Department of Health reported 68 more recoveries on Thursday (21 May 2020).

New cases registered 213 for the day, pushing the number of confirmed cases to 13,434.

Of that number, Metro Manila and Region 7 (Central Visayas) logged in similar count of 98 or 46% apiece of the total pie.

Other areas only had an aggregate number of 17 individuals or 8% for the day.

The DOH detected a dwindling pattern on the daily count of fatalities. It dipped further down to only four (4) Thursday from the count of seven (7) and five (5) in the past two days.

COVID-19-related deaths in the country now stand at 846.

Worldwide cases 

Growing by the day, confirmed coronavirus cases around the world already reached 5,000,561 including 328,172 deaths and 1,899,675 recoveries.

The United States remains on top in terms of cases at 1,581,903; 93,806 deaths and 301,341    recoveries.

Russia jumped up second at 317,554 cases; 3,099 deaths and 92,681 recoveries.

Brazil is now third most impacted country with 293,357 cases; 18,894 deaths and 116,683 recoveries.

United Kingdom also have a high count of cases at 248,293; and a similarly high fatality rate at 35,704. The UK has no data on recoveries.

Other European countries Spain and Italy also have high cases of the virus with 232,555 and 227,364, respectively.

Germany has 178,531 while Turkey also has a hundred plus cases at 152,587 as did France, 143,845; Iran, 126,949; India, 112,359 and Peru, 104,020. (iamigo/

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