Thu. May 26th, 2022

MANILA — Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Secretary Ramon Lopez said that barbershops and salons will open shop anew starting Sunday, 07 June 2020.

These establishments can operate at a maximum of 30% capacity during the General Community Quarantine (GCQ) and will be further allowed to operate at a 50% maximum capacity during the Modified General Community Quarantine (MGCQ).

“The earlier reopening was reconsidered by the Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) in recognition of the very strict health protocols that were developed. These guidelines must be closely adopted by these establishments in order to prevent any risk of COVID-19 transmission,” Sec. Lopez said.

He clarified, however, that only basic haircut and hairstyling services are allowed under GCQ to shorten the time of service and to have a faster turnover of customers.

According to the Guidelines to Follow on Minimum Health Protocols for Barbershops and Salons, released on 29 May, the following must be placed at the entrance: floor mat or foot bath with disinfectant, thermal scanner, alcohol (that can be easily sprayed on the clients’ hands), health checklist, face shields (for clients who will avail shampoo services), and a system where personal items are disinfected and deposited in secured sanitary bags.

Additionally, these health protocols must be followed: chairs must be distanced at least one (1) meter apart on all sides; floor markings shall also be visible for the guidance of clients; proper ventilation must be in place; face masks must be readily available; sanitizing equipment and tools shall be visible to clients; workstations must be sterilized before and after each service; pieces of furniture that are made of porous materials shall be covered in plastic for ease of sanitation; and, there must be a strict use of disposable-only menus, reading materials, and magazines.

The guidelines also mandate that employees wear personal protective equipment (PPEs) including, but not limited to: face mask, face shield, eye glasses, gloves, hair caps, as well as closed shoes. No personnel with COVID-19 symptoms or exposure to COVID-19 patients shall be allowed to work. The guidelines also remind workers not to wear pieces of jewelry, to observe proper personal hygiene, enforce client-personnel interaction protocols, and practice frequent handwashing and sanitizing.

The complete guidelines on minimum health protocols for barbershops and salons can be accessed thru:

“We are confident that barbershops and salons will be able follow these strict yet reasonable guidelines in order to start bringing back jobs to an estimated 400,000 workers in over 35,000 shops,” Sec. Lopez said.

The trade chief added that there would be no need for accreditation in order for these establishments to open in an effort to remove any additional bureaucracy in the process. However, he emphasized that there will be surprise operations audit conducted and non-compliant shops will be closed down immediately until they are able to correct their deficiencies. (ia/DTI)

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