Sat. Sep 25th, 2021

MANILA – The Philippine National Police (PNP) on Monday said it will study whether to downgrade its full alert status as the country shifts into a more relaxed general community quarantine (GCQ) amid the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) pandemic.

“Hindi pa nada-downgrade (It has not been downgraded) but we will assess. We will assess in a few days if we will downgrade it or not. Kasi kaya lang naman tayo nag-red alert noon, ‘yun nga (We just raised red alert in the past) because of the situation,” PNP chief Gen. Archie Gamboa said in a virtual presser.

A full alert status has been declared in Luzon as well as other regions since March due to the threat of Covid-19.

“It jibes with the emergency situation as declared by the national authority so sinabayan lang namin (we just jibed with it), it’s a state of emergency, required ‘yung presence (full presence is required),” he added.

Under a full alert status, all police personnel should be on standby for deployment.

Once the full alert status is downgraded, there would be a reduction in the number of police officers deployed in PNP offices as part of measures to ensure physical distancing among personnel.

As part of adjustments amid the shift to the ‘new normal’, Gamboa said the PNP will implement a revised deployment scheme and work arrangements to ensure that all PNP personnel, particularly front-liners, are free from infection and are all fit for work through “work-from-home arrangement, skeletal workforce, four-day (compressed) workweek and staggered working hours”.

Other measures include the implementation of the minimum health standards that were defined by the Department of Health as “non-pharmaceutical interventions” that do not involve vaccines and the use of information and communications technology to minimize transmission of disease such as virtual use of communication through social media.

“New set of guidelines, policy, and procedures to be observed by all PNP offices and units to ensure protection and efficient delivery of police services under GCQ,” Gamboa stressed.

Gamboa added that the PNP would enhance personal knowledge and competency integration on health in the curriculum of different police courses and training programs.

He also bared that PNP will enhance workspace infrastructure adjustments in all offices and vehicles and acquire new equipment such as additional testing and personal protective equipment for all front-liners.

“I have emphasized in the past that whether it is ECQ (enhanced community quarantine), MECQ (modified enhanced community quarantine) or GCQ, the PNP continues to aggressively perform law enforcement functions in support of the national campaign against, crime, illegal drugs, corruption and terrorism,” Gamboa said.

He added that there will be no letup in the PNP’s campaign against crime amid the health crisis.

Gamboa urged the public to cooperate with the law enforcers as they are now forming new guidelines and policies in law enforcement.

“The past months, while undoubtedly difficult, further strengthens the PNPs resolve to fulfill our mandate as leaders, protectors, and defenders of our people. Together, we will redefine the “new normal” framework, with your health and safety paramount at all times. We ask for your patience and continued cooperation — as we seek an end to the threat of this pandemic,” said Gamboa. (PNA)

20 thoughts on “PNP mulls downgrade of full alert status under GCQ”
  1. The effort to keep up safe during the pandemic is good. I really appreciate it. Sana lang they will focus more on the mass testings so we can also prevent possible new cases in the future.

  2. I really appreciate their effort to keep us from any harm. I wish we can have more testings ASAP.

  3. I personally think that their efforts to keep us safe in this pandemic is good. I hope they will continue the good works that they are doing.

  4. Thank you so much for keeping us safe this past months! I’m really amazed how you handle the situation during quarantine. Keep safe everyone.

  5. Thank you for all your hard work and sacrifices during the entire quarantine.

  6. I really want to commend PNP for handling the situation well this whole quarantine, By implementing strict checkpoints and strict rules on every locations, like wearing of mask, strict compliance of wearing quarantine pass and also assisting people with social distancing.

  7. Salamat PNP sa maayos at ligtas na qauarantine this past months. I hope mas maging strict tayo ngayong GCQ kasi mas madami ang tao na nasa labas, sana mas mahigpit tayo sa mga checkpoints and also implementing precautionary measures.

  8. Thank you so much PNP for looking after our safety, sana po let’s be more strict this time na we are already on GCQ, mas mahirap ma control ngayon ang public dahil mas madami na ang pwedeng lumabas. sana continue parin tayo sa implementation ng curfew and check points.

  9. Thanks to PNP’s good efforts in the past days. I hope these good deeds will keep on coming as we really need it at times like this.

  10. The status will be downgraded but the cases are still not. So please, let’s continue the quarantine and the one person per household scheme.

  11. Tama lang naman na pag aralan muna kung ibaba na ang alerto. Medyo maselan kasi ang panahon ngayon palpak yung di nila pinayagan na pumasada nga jeep at iba pang public transpo.

  12. Dahan dahan sana nila ito ibaba but I know they will still be there for the safety of the people.

  13. Ang kailangan ng tao public transpo pero wala buti kahit papano may mga libreng sakay itong PNP. Sana naman ituloy tuloy nila ito lalo’t kawawa mga tao.

    Hope the police can maintain order and implement social distancing.

  14. Mas mabuti nang alert talaga ang mga PNP kasi anything can happen padin kahit GCQ. Kung noong ECQ dami nang pasaway paano pa ngayong GCQ

  15. Sana wag mag chill chill ang PNP dahil GCQ na. Pero kudos sa mga free rides na ginagawa nila sa mga stranded commuters.

  16. At times like this, the PNP should always be alert but I still applaud to them for rescuing stranded commuters.

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