Wed. Dec 1st, 2021

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MANILA — The number of confirmed corona virus infections in the Philippines dipped a little but the number nevertheless rose to 20,626, the Department of Health said Friday.

Confirmed cases Friday only had a combined 244 total count with the “fresh” box only logging 168 even as the “late” cases index registered 76.

“Fresh” cases are those test results processed, validated, and released within the last three days while “late” cases are those results released to patients from four days ago and beyond.

The 244 count for the day was so far the lowest after the Philippines experienced huge upticks in new cases or since the DOH introduced the COVID-KAYA platform.

The fully automated platform sped up the validation process of tests on local infections, operated on by more encoders now along with the increase on the number of test centers in the country.

Recoveries grew to 4,330 following the addition of 82 new recoveries even as the number of corona virus deaths in the country grew a little to 987 after the DOH reported three (3) new deaths.

The health agency also reported that some 357,252 people have already been tested in the Philippines as of June 3.

Testing czar Vince Dizon claimed the government is planning to expand its corona virus testing to include even those who are asymptomatic.

Research on herbal plants vs COVID-19

Meanwhile, the Department of Science and Technology said Filipino researchers are currently studying the possible benefits of herbal plants — particularly tawa-tawa and lagundi — to reduce a person’s infectivity from coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19).

DOST Secretary Fortunato dela Peña said: “There are existing formulations using tawa-tawa for dengue, and lagundi for cough. Now we have researchers who created a formulation, which they think can be used against Covid-19,” he told the Philippine News Agency (PNA) in a phone interview.

The proponents of this study involve a group of pharmaceutical industry people from the University of the Philippines-Philippine General Hospital, he said.

“We would send this formulation to Singapore, to check its efficacy in reducing the infectivity from Covid-19. This is an in-vitro study, which will be done in a laboratory. No humans or animals would be involved,” he said.

Once the formulation is found to be effective, dela Peña said the DOST would support and would immediately start a clinical trial in the Philippines.

Virgin coconut oil (VCO), meanwhile, is another natural product that the DOST has been exploring. The DOST is currently studying VCO’s efficacy in a Covid-19 patient’s recovery. (PNA)

Worldwide cases

Worldwide cases have inched further to 6,416,828 including deaths to 382,867 individuals.   

Countries hardest bit by the virus are the following:

  1. United States – 1,911,339 cases; 438,820 recoveries; 109,731 deaths
  2. Brazil – 615,870 cases; 274,997 recoveries; 34,039
  3. Russia – 449,834 cases; 212,680 recoveries; 5,528 deaths
  4. United Kingdom – 281,661 cases; (no data); 39,904 deaths
  5. Spain – 240,660 cases; 150,376 recoveries; 27,133 deaths
  6. Italy – 234,013 cases; 161,895 recoveries; 33,689 deaths
  7. India – 226,770 cases; 109,462 recoveries; 6,348 deaths
  8. Germany – 184,923 cases; 167,785 recoveries; 8,736 deaths
  9. Peru – 183,198 cases; recoveries 76,228; 5,031 deaths
  10. Turkey – 167,410 cases; 131,778 recoveries; 4,630 deaths
  11. Iran – 164,270 cases; 127,485 recoveries; 8,071 deaths
  12. France – 152,444 cases; 69,976 recoveries; 29,065 deaths
  13. Chile – 118,292 cases; (no data recoveries); 1,356 deaths
  14. Mexico – 105,680 cases; 75,448 recoveries; 12,545 deaths (ia/

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