Sun. Jul 25th, 2021

MANILA – President Rodrigo R. Duterte on Thursday lauded police officers for their bravery and dedication to run after drug personalities in the country despite the threat posed by the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid19) outbreak.

Duterte acknowledged the cops’ relentless efforts to wage a war on illegal drugs on the same day a total of PHP5.1 billion worth of shabu were seized in an anti-illegal drug operation in Marilao, Bulacan.

“Despite the pandemic, police are working. So kita mo ang mga pulis ko, nagta-trabaho (My policemen are doing their job), unmindful of the fact that they can get the Covid by their dedication. So officially, I would like to congratulate the PNP (Philippine National Police),” he said in a taped public address aired on state-run PTV-4 on Friday morning.

A Chinese national and two cohorts were arrested during a buy-bust operation at a warehouse in Lias village in Marilao, Bulacan on Thursday.

The suspects were identified as Yuwein Cai, Angela Miole Tulio, and Ma. Lyn Miole Tulio.

About 63 boxes containing 756 kg. of shabu with an estimated street value of PHP5.14 billion and boodle money worth PHP1 million were recovered from the suspects.

Duterte lamented that the narcotics trade is still rampant in the country, despite his intensified crackdown on illegal drugs.

“Kita mo PHP5.1 billion, malaki ito. Hindi matapos ito. Sabi ko ganito, (See, this PHP5.1 billion is big. It does not end. I said), PHP5.1 billion, it will destroy my country,” he said.

Duterte said the proliferation of illegal drugs irks him “to no end” because it would destroy the country.

He reiterated his warning to neutralize drug offenders.

“If you destroy my country distributing PHP5.1 billion of shabu all throughout the country, I will kill you. I will kill you,” Duterte said. (PNA)

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