Wed. Sep 29th, 2021

MANILA – The House of Representatives on Thursday night corrected the voting record for the third reading approval of House Bill 6875 or the proposed Anti-Terrorism Act of 2020.

During the plenary session, Deputy Speaker Aurelio Gonzales said the affirmative votes for the anti-terror bill is now 168 instead of 173, negative votes at 36 instead of 31, while abstention remains at 29.

Gonzales attributed the erroneous record “due to a technical error in the recording of electronic votes.”

“Last night, we approved on third reading several House bills. Some corrections in the results of the nominal voting were made after the results were announced. I was advised by the secretariat that upon review, there is a correction as well in the result of the nominal voting of House Bill 6875,” Gonzales said.

“In view of thereof, let the records reflect the said result,” he added.

House Bill 6875, or the proposed Anti-Terrorism Act of 2020, seeks to prevent, prohibit, and penalize terrorism.

The bill introduced provisions imposing life imprisonment without parole on those who will participate in the planning, training, preparation, and facilitation of a terrorist act; possess objects connected with the preparation for the commission of terrorism; or collect or make documents connected with the preparation of terrorism.

Under the bill, any person who shall threaten to commit terrorism shall suffer the penalty of 12 years. The same jail term will be meted against those who will propose any terroristic acts or incite others to commit terrorism.

Any person who shall voluntarily and knowingly join any organization, association, or group of persons knowing that such is a terrorist organization, shall suffer imprisonment of 12 years.

Under the bill, the number of days a suspected person can be detained without a warrant of arrest is 14 calendar days, extendible by 10 days. (PNA)

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