Wed. Dec 1st, 2021

I don’t mean to be gross but I really have to say this.

Do young coed recruits to the New People’s Army really think they are being recruited as female combatants, and not as comfort women?

As a former student activist in the late 70s and an alumnus of the First Quarter Storm, my heart bleeds for a certain Ka Rachelle, now 20 who became being part of the NPA’s Komiteng Rehiyon – Negros (KR-N) since she was 17.

Pila balde ang inabot ng batang ito sa kamay ng kanyang mga lalaking komrads. She confirmed her comrades queued to have sex with her after her own commander deflowered her while conducting tactical operations.

Ka Rachelle who began as a member of the Kabataang Makabayan, said “May kaupod man ko nga gin-molestyahan man sang kaupdanan namon. Indi kami puede kapanugid kay nakulbaan kami kay patyon kami nila.”

(I also had a comrade who was abused. We could not tell anyone because they might kill us),” she added.

This is human trafficking at its worst, making young female recruits earn their chevrons in an undeserved battlefront through this barbarous manner, with no choice but to follow the CPP-NPA’s revolutionary flow.

The list goes on.

AJ, now 18 years old, was a minor two years ago when she was recruited by leftist youth organizations and had been missing since July 2019.  A month later, AJ spoke in a press conference held by leftist lawmakers in Congress, saying she “voluntarily” joined the communist terrorist groups.

A mother’s sharing

Nothing can make the incompetence, apathy and indifference of the Commission on Human Rights more deafening than sharing of her mother Relissa Lucena.

“I am the mother of Alicia Jasper Lucena 17 years old. She will turn 18 on July 24. AJ as we fondly call her is a diligent senior high school student at Far Eastern University.

“Around October of last year, I noticed changes in AJ’s behavior. She became distant and aloof to me and her siblings. She also shelved her plans of applying for admission to the PMA. I thought that she was just going through growing pains because of her impending high school graduation and moving on to college.

“She left our house on February 3 and didn’t come home until February 6. We didn’t have any argument and even if we did, running away was not in her character.  I was greatly relieved when she returned home after three days. It was an answered prayer for me but little did I know that the worst was yet to come.

“AJ told me she was dropping out of school and joining Anakbayan full-time. I had no idea about the extent of her indoctrination up to that point. She also told me that she is devoting her life to the cause and the movement, which required her leaving us – her family.

“Barely a month after this crisis came another – AJ didn’t come home again presumably to stay with her comrades in Anakbayan. I decided to change my approach this time at the suggestion of my husband. He wanted me to pull AJ out of school. Never mind the tuition or her having to repeat another year he said. Just make sure she’s far from the influence of her fellow Anakbayan members.

“I went to the FEU Morayta office of Anakbayan. I told their officers straight that I didn’t like what they did to my daughter. She was effectively brainwashed, as it was more an ideological indoctrination process that she underwent since she joined the organization. I also told the officers that I would file criminal charges against them if my daughter didn’t return home.

“AJ came home a week after (but) she finally admitted that she wasn’t going to her classes anymore but had been spending time in an Anakbayan alternative school where the cause was explained in more detail along with the strategy to achieve their goal.

“I finally told AJ that she wasn’t allowed to leave the house anymore. I enlisted the help of an elderly Aunt to watch over AJ whenever I couldn’t avoid going out of the house like to fetch her younger siblings, do the grocery shopping or pay the bills.

“In the early morning hours of May 25, I woke up to the sound of our kitchen door opening. AJ was missing. I went to the kitchen door and saw the padlock had been hit with a heavy object. AJ made her escape.

“I went to the police precinct to report what happened. The women’s desk sergeant made the corresponding blotter entry. She made the point of explaining to me that once AJ turned 18 it would be difficult to file charges for serious illegal detention because we would need evidence that she was forcibly taken.

Tripartite response

Three government branches are on board in rescue mission.

After Francis and Relissa Lucena filed petitions for the issuance of the writ of Habeas Corpus and Amparo against the suspected recruiters of their daughter AJ, the Supreme Court issued a Show-Cause Order Kabataan party-list representative Sarah Elago, Anakbayan spokesperson Alex Danday, Anakbayan recruiters and members Chary Delos Reyes, Bianca Gacos, and Jayroven Ballais Villafuerte, and lawyer Maria Kristina Conti.

The suits sought a court order directing and ordering the immediate transfer of AJ to the care and custody of her parents in compliance with the Bayanihan to Heal as One Act, as the lawyer of the Lucena couple contends that AJ’s life, liberty, and security were violated when she was a minor and is aggravated by the occurrence of the Covid-19 pandemic because she has no proper support, has become an out-of-school youth, and has no gainful employment.

Secretary Ano said the DILG, together with the Philippine National Police (PNP), supports the Lucena couple in their unceasing efforts to get back their daughter from the custody of CTGs.

Ano said “Limang dekada na (kayong) peste sa lipunan. Mas matindi pa kayo sa Covid-19. You infect and contaminate our youth with your pretentious and false notion of nationalism. Pinapatay niyo ang kinabukasan ng kabataan at dinudurog ninyo ang puso ng mga magulang na nawawalan ng mga anak.

The House Committees on Public Order and Safety, and National Defense and Security have passed a bill proposing the Anti-Terrorism Act of 2020 that amends the Human Security Act of 2007 which is no longer responsive to the evolving nature of the threats confronting our law enforcement agencies.

Masbate Rep. Narciso Bravo Jr.  said, “We have to approve today a bill that is similar to the Senate bill to avoid the necessity to convene a bicameral conference committee.”

The law when signed by the President would provide a strong legal backbone to support the country’s criminal justice response to terrorism, provide the law enforcers the much-needed tools to protect the people from the threat of terrorism and, at the same time, safeguard the rights of those accused of the crime.

The Senate version introduced provisions imposing life imprisonment without parole on those who will propose, incite, conspire, and participate in the planning, training, preparation, and facilitation of a terrorist act; as well as those who will provide material support to terrorists, and recruit anyone to be a member of a terrorist organization.

Another rebuke from Parlade

Lt. Gen. Antonio Parlade, Jr., Southern Luzon Command chief, has been citing impotence of the Commission on Human Rights when it comes to the continuing CPP-NPA recruitment among our youth.

“We don’t see any action from CHR, other than the usual ‘we will conduct an investigation’.”

Parlade said he finds it odd for instance when human rights commissioners ignore the pleas of a mother Relissa and instead naively believe her daughter AJ’s claim that she left home because of abusive parents and a government responsible for attacks against militant groups.

AJ denied she was kidnapped and yet she was a minor.

“The most CHR could have done was bring the Department of Social Welfare and Development into the picture to take custody of AJ, so that at least before she reaches her 18th birthday she could have had time to really sort things out,” he added.

Parlade added “Anakbayan and Karapatan are also doing nothing. They travel to Australia to proclaim their advocacy about protecting human rights and defending children. Do they tell their Australian donors about the CPP-NPA atrocities to civilians and children?”

The relative ages of recruits are becoming lower and lower, in some areas resulting into pockets of child soldiers who are any children under the age of 18 who are used as fighters, cooks, suicide bombers, human shields, messengers, spies, or for sexual purposes.

The so-called CTG legal fronts have accelerated recruitment of child soldiers in the hope of reversing the increasing trend of their cadres surrendering nationwide. (ia/


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