DAVAO CITY – The Philippine Councilors’ League (PCL) said the passage of the Anti-Terrorism Act of 2020 would boost security and preserve freedom in the country against terrorists.

Jose Nelson Sala Sr., PCL interim national president, said in a statement on Tuesday the league strongly supports the bill as it is time to address the threat of terrorism and to “protect the security of the Filipino family.”

“We have witnessed the sowing of terrorism in various parts of the world. Their work is not new to us because even in our country, we have seen their inhumane attacks and merciless slaughter of innocent lives,” Sala said.

Sala said the bill would prevent the “kidnapping and recruitment of the youth” by rebels “to join their group as well as engage in their terroristic activities.”

He said the provisions in the bill would address the “escalating threat of terrorism” and address–if not eliminate–its root causes.

“It is known to us that foreign terrorists have come to the Philippines to expand and continue their violent and terroristic activities. With the Anti-Terrorism Act of 2020, there will be means to curb the spread of terrorism and to prevent the Philippines from being a fortress of terrorists,” Sala said.

He said the bill would make Filipinos enjoy more “the blessings of democracy,” such as the freedom to travel around the country without fear of becoming a victim of terroristic acts.

“Now, most of all, we need this bill because terrorism has no choice on the victims, time, or places. Let us not wait that we or our loved ones will be the victim for us to act. We will support the passage of this bill for the Filipino family and for the future generations,” the councilor said. (PNA)

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