Wed. Jun 16th, 2021

MANILA — The Department of Health has on Friday announced yet another huge number of recoveries that eclipsed and effectively erased the record booked a day before.

Indeed, there was a huge spike in recoveries Thursday (270) but Friday’s 289 list of new survivors from the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) proved a far better single-day record so far in the Philippines.

Health experts claimed the huge number (289) of survivors raised the morale of all front-liners who are risking lives to save others aside from sending waves of high hopes for a country embroiled in a very costly war against an unseen enemy.

The total count of survivors in the country is now 5,454.

In terms of confirmed new cases of the virus, the DOH reported 615 and the country’s total COVID-19 case count rose to 24,787.

Of the new cases, 336 were labeled “fresh” (results released to patients within last 3 days) while the remaining 279 were “late” (results released 4 days ago or more).

On the flipside of recoveries, the death toll rose to 1,052 after 16 more patients succumbed to the coronavirus.

In terms of active cases, which is obtained by combining the number of recoveries and those who died, is now 17,974, according to the health department.

Worldwide, there are now 7.27 million cases of the coronavirus, including around 413,000 deaths according to the World Health Organization in its latest situation report.  (ia/

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