Mon. Jun 14th, 2021

MANILA – The Anti Red Tape Authority (ARTA) on Monday monitored some of the busiest branches of the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) in Metro Manila as it expects an overwhelming number of filers and taxpayers who are in a rush to beat the deadline.

ARTA conducted the monitoring in line with Republic Act 11032 or the Ease of Doing Business and Efficient Government Services Delivery Act of 2018, over and beyond the goal of checking BIR’s compliance with the agency’s mandate to ensure that all government offices and agencies that provide services covering business-related and non-business transactions must be executed with ease and appropriate pace in its processing as stated in the agency’s Citizen’s Charter. This is also to make sure that the overall client experience does not add undue regulatory burden to the transacting public.

“ARTA strives to establish an efficient government service delivery in the “new normal”’ by helping agencies rationalize their systems and hopefully, move their processes online to expedite their services and minimize contact in this crucial time,” ARTA Director General Jeremiah Belgica said.

ARTA has been in close coordination with BIR in previous days through meetings and a webinar conducted on how to file and pay taxes online.

This year, BIR implemented the electronic filing of Audited Financial Statement (eAFS) as part of their reform initiatives.

The BIR previously reported the automated filing of Annual Income Tax Returns through eBIR Forms and Electronic Filing and Payment System facilities (eFPS) as well as the online attachment of supporting documents.

Taxpayers are also allowed to file and pay their taxes in the nearest Revenue District Office (RDO) as opposed to the previous arrangement of paying taxes to their assigned RDOs.

Meanwhile, BIR has also extended the validity of Electronic Certificate Authorizing Registration (eCAR) from three years to five years.

ARTA will be monitoring the reforms as well as assisting the public on any red tape issues including the system and procedures, the interactions, and the processing time, all will be taken into consideration.

Monitoring is part of ARTA’s initiatives to continuously work with government agencies, specifically the “most complained” agencies named by President Rodrigo Duterte in his 2019 state of the nation address (SONA), which includes the BIR.

This week, ARTA will be conducting surveys on the ground and feedback studies from the stakeholders and other parties from the private sector to monitor the compliance of BIR with the provisions of R.A. 11032.

The same monitoring practice shall likewise be implemented by ARTA in other government frontline agencies. (ARTA-PR)

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