By Emer Scully for MailOnline

UNITED Kingdom — Brazil has become the second country in the world to hit one million coronavirus cases after infections soared by 54,000 in one day.

The South American country recorded more than 1,200 deaths for the fourth consecutive day bringing the total to nearly 49,000 yesterday.

It comes two months after the US reached the one million mark and just days after the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) Director Carissa Etienne said Brazil was a major concern.

A lack of testing in the country with a population of 209 million has led experts to suggest the real figure could be much higher. 

Hours before the latest figures were revealed the World Health Organization’s director general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus warned the coronavirus pandemic was entering a ‘new and dangerous’ stage.

He said cases were rising at the same time as people are growing weary of lockdowns and governments are seeking to restart their economies.

Walter Braga Netto, the head of the office of the Brazilian president’s chief of staff, known as Casa Civil, and one of the top officials handling the crisis, has previously said it was under control in the country.

‘There is a crisis, we sympathize with bereaved families, but it is managed,’ said Braga Netto, who spoke during a webinar held by the Commercial Association of Rio de Janeiro. (ia/MailOnline)

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