Fri. Jun 25th, 2021
Sen. Bong Go: Fight for your rights against malicious, fake news attacks on social media!

MANILA – The disrespectful post cursing Senator Bong Go that became viral on social media could be a handiwork by thousands of “trolls” controlled by “Bikoy” and people envious about the neophyte lawmaker’s pro-people programs and high-level kind performance of duty.

According to some unimpeachable source Saturday, the viral attack against the former special assistant of President Duterte have the makings or pattern of “trolls” working controlled by someone from the opposition or “Yellows” and probably former senator Antonio Trillanes.

Of this writing, Tweets and re-Tweets of the unsavory “#TanginaMoBongGo remark or post on social media by an alleged young college student has been going around in social media.

The disrespectful and most likely false remarks were made as a nasty comment by the netizen shortly after a story appeared on where Senator Bong said that people have the rights to defend themselves against “fake news” and nasty, unpleasant posts on social media.

What made Trillanes a prime suspect in the troll attacks against Bong Go was his instant remark or post on Twitter accusing the latter of being a bully as he filed a complaint with the NBI against the student-netizen who maligned him online. 

“Malakas makapang-bully ng estudyante itong Bong Go na ‘to. Siguraduhin mo lang na di iikot ang mundo, kundi may kalalagyan ka. Tatandaan mo, dokumentado ‘yung sabit mo sa frigate scam,” Trillanes said on Twitter.

The former lawmaker, who is currently facing several suits that could potentially land him in jail, was referring to the alleged involvement of Go in the supposedly anomalous acquisition of two frigates for the Philippine Navy.

However, Trillanes’ accusation against Bong Go has long been cleared and dismissed by the Senate, the latter concluded, that Bong Go had nothing to do with the so-called anomaly.

The fact that Trillanes is allegedly behind the attack against him, Sen. Bong Go snapped back at Trillanes’ on Twitter:

“Bagyong Trillanes! Isa kang hari ng fake news, manloloko na walang ginawa kundi manira ng kapwa, at alam naman natin na ikaw ang totoong Bikoy!”

“Mismong Senado na kinabibilangan mo noon ang nagsabing wala akong kinalaman sa anomalyang sinasabi mo at pawang kasinungalingan at fake news lang ‘yang mga paratang mo,” Bong Go added.

According to a source, the false comment by the college student against Bong Go could only be a propaganda concocted by trolls of Trillanes and the yellow mob in order to distract senator Bong Go from his unwavering pro-people programs amid the pandemic.

The same source added that the hateful post was intended to foul-bait Bong Go into the open, for him to get mad as he goes after the college student-author of the nasty Tweet.

However, Senator Bong did not get mad but he rather sought justice against those who committed an injustice to him by asking the NBI to act on his complaint and investigate the online post critical of him as such may have been an offense under the Cybercrime law.

The #T***inaMoBongGo Twitter post being spread to different social media platforms against the neophyte senator for allegedly being overly sensitive was clearly a work of only those envious to his good deeds for the people, and an obvious handiwork of Trillanes and the yellows.

Despite the attack launched against him, downhearted as he is, Go did not release any statement addressing the hashtag and the memes. Instead, he clarified that he is not against freedom of expression.

“Patuloy po nating ipaglalaban ang karapatan ng mga tao na malayang ihayag ang kanilang sariling opinyon. Hindi po bawal maging kritikal sa gobyerno,” Go said.

“Nais ko klaruhin na ang bawal, ayon sa batas, ay ang magpakalat ng fake news at manira ng kapwa tao gamit ang kasinungalingan,” he added.

The former special assistant to President Rodrigo Duterte said it is well within the mandate of the NBI to “verify, investigate, and issue subpoenas to authors of alleged malicious posts.”

As a matter of fact, thousands of netizens found the post against Bong Go as “way too much.” It was fake news, and calculated to hit President Duterte using Bong Go.

One of those who defended Bong Go was a certain Stephen Olino Calixton who posted on his Twitter account saying:

“Woke up to these, and I have to agree that the tweets against Bong Go is way too much. Guys, this man you are maligning is a senator, and as one, he doesn’t deserve such disrespect.

Let us not push the guy to his limits. We need this highly respected man to make laws for us, and let us show our appreciation to everything that he’s done

He’s one of the best that we ever had. To my senator, Bong Go, laban lang! Don’t let your critics get into your head. Sa Bong Go supporters diyan, let us use #BongGoPaRinSa2022 to counteract this backlash. #BongGoPaRinSa2020 will be our antidote.”

Paras urges public to ignore Trillanes

In reaction against those who maligned Bong Go, specifically Trillanes, former Congressman and now Undersecretary Jacinto Paras, in his Facebook account defended Bong Go by saying, that all the attacks against the Senator are not really coming from students but from trolls concocted by Trillanes to make him visible again and alive as he has already been forgotten to oblivion.

Nowadays nobody pays attention to Trillanes as someone noteworthy or respectable.

In fact, what remains of Trillanes’ name is someone bound to go to jail as he faces the many criminal cases against him.

“I for one filed three criminal cases against him and all ended with Trillanes being issued warrants of arrest. So, I urge the public just to ignore Trillanes as a non-entity,” the Undersecretary said. (ia/SPH)

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