Mon. Sep 27th, 2021
Lt. Gen. Antonio Parlade Jr, NTF-ELCAC and Jose Maria Sison

By Jose Maria Sison (Chief Political Consultant, National Democratic Front)

It is possible for the patriotic and democratic-minded officers and enlisted personnel of the AFP to unite with the NPA in opposing and ousting from power a regime that is tyrannical, anti-national and anti-democratic.

The NPA welcomed the actions of the AFP officers and enlisted personnel who withdrew support from the fascist dictator Marcos in 1986 and the corrupt bureaucrat Estrada in 2001. I presume that the NPA would welcome the efforts of AFP officers and enlisted personnel to withdraw military support from the tyrant Duterte.

The enlisted personnel of the AFP and the rank and file of the NPA come mostly from the working class and peasantry. They can have a common ground for unity and for a just peace in a program of genuine land reform and national industrialization.

In fact in its peace negotiations with the GRP, the NDFP proposed the aforesaid program and its financing by income from the development of oil and gas resources in the exclusive economic zones of the Philippines in the West Philippine Sea, with technology provided by the oil company of Norway, one of the best in the development of undersea energy resources.

The expected income of USD 26 trillion from said resources is so many times the amount needed to carry out genuine land reform and national industrialization. But Duterte played the role of traitor to the Filipino people and a puppet to China. He sold out to China the sovereign rights of the Filipino people over the marine and mineral resources in the West Philippine Sea. China has usurped ownership over the marine resources worth at least USD 1.5 trillion and prevented Filipino fishermen from fishing in their own sea.

For more than four years, Duterte has laid aside the 2016 judgment of the Permanent Court of Arbitration in accordance with the UNCLOS and in favor of the Philippines against the false claim of China. And he has allowed China to build and militarize seven artificial islands in the EEZ of the Philippines and prevent the development of the oil and gas resources of the Philippines.

Instead, he preferred to beg from China USD 24 billion worth of foreign loans for overpriced infrastructure projects under the complete control of China in an all-round way (engineering contracts, equipment, supplies and labor) merely because he and his cronies expected to receive bribes from the loan and construction contracts. So far, China has fallen far short of its promise of intolerably onerous loans.

The NPA and AFP can unite to defend national sovereignty and hold Duterte to account for his traitorous act of surrendering the sovereign rights of the Filipino people to China and preventing the realization of a just peace grounded on a program of genuine land reform and national industrialization.

Duterte has deliberately terminated the GRP-NDFP peace negotiations in order to scapegoat the CPP and NPA and realize his scheme of fascist dictatorship, his obsession to gain absolute power for the purpose of absolute corruption in favor of his dynasty and his oligarchic allies at the expense of the Filipino people.

JMS, chief terrorist,  dreaming

By Lt. Gen. Antonio Parlade Jr, NTF-ELCAC

Jose Ma Sison is so full of hot air to even declare that the NPA will welcome AFP members who will choose to oust PRRD. He goes too far to even suggest that renegade soldiers can work together because the “AFP and the rank and file of the NPA come mostly from the working class and peasantry.” He is into drugs, I think.

First, why would the AFP who has gained so much in terms of professionalism, benefits, modern equipment, and above all, respect from their Commander-in-Chief, even entertain this thought.

Second, if they did, why side with a proven fascist terrorist? Among other things Sison is: the planner of the Plaza Miranda bombing; executioner of thousands of CPP NPA cadres during their purge; chief arsonist and extortionist; killer of IPs; recruiter of child warriors; and chief author of CPPs Constitutional plan to establish “proletarian dictatorship.”

Third, if PRRD were a tyrant, what will that make Sison? A saint?

Ang kapal ng mukha ni Sison. Para isipin nya na pareho ang pinanggalingan ng AFP at NPA, maari yon. Pero para isipin nya na pareho ang adhikain ng sundalo at rebelde sa pagpasok sa kanilang organisasyon ay isang kahibangan.

Kaming mga sundalo, bagama’t mahirap ang pinanggalingan ay serbisyo sa bayan ang pinasok. Ang NPA ay nabiktima ng mga kasinungalingan ni Sison at kanyang CPP kaya namundok. Madami sa kanila ay niloko at pinilit, yong iba ay tinakot kaya naging kaanib sa hukbo.

Bakit kami ipapahalintulad sa mga NPA? Namamatay ang sundalo sa pagtatanggol sa bayan, ang NPA sa paniniwala sa huwad na idelohiya ni Sison. Ang NPA ni Sison ay nagugutom at walang suporta kahit bilyon ang koleksyon ni Sison sa extortion.

Ang sundalo ay alaga ng kanilang gobyerno at Pangulo. Ang lider ng CPP NPA ay nagpapasarap sa Utrecht samantalang ang mga hukbo ay hindi malaman kung san susuot at kukuha ng makain sapagkat tinakwil na ito ng kanilang masa.

Palagay ko mas tama kung sabihin ni Sison na sasalubungin ng AFP ang mga NPA kung iiwan na nito ang kanilang amo na si Sison.

Patay na rin si Julius Giron na kanilang pinakamataas na lider. Sumuko na rin ang kanilang finance officer na kinakasama ni Giron. Wala din silang makolekta sa extortion nila dahil halos walang kita ang negosyo dahil sa Covid19.

Napakadami na ang mga sumuko na NPA. Mula January hanggang ngayon, 1,919 (493 regular at 1426 militia) dahil natauhan na ang marami sa kanila.

Meron na rin batas na magbabawal sa pagbigay ng materyal na suporta at pagrerekrut para sa hukbo.

Alam na ng mga radikal na bilang na ang araw ng CPP NPA. Wala ng hantungan ang huwad nilang pakikibaka.

Kaya si Sison ay nanaginip, masamang masama ang kanyang bangungot, baka hindi na ito magising. (SPH)

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