Abraham Idjirani

MANILA — A multi-sectoral movement is gaining momentum and support on efforts to reclaim or recover Borneo (Sabah) by the Philippine government from Malaysia.

So said a ranking official of the Sultanate of Sulu claiming the move is fast shaping up and groups are allegedly urging him to spearhead recovery efforts and gather support to the historic, legal, and proprietary right of the Sultanate of Sulu over the disputed territory now occupied by Malaysia.

Abraham Idjirani, Sultanate Secretary General and spokesman of the Sultanate, said he has been reviewing calls from various groups all over the country expressing support to its Sabah (North Borneo) cause.

Idjirani also said that the announcement by Malaysian Foreign Minister Hishammuddin Hussein stopping the country’s payment of lease to the island has triggered a strong reaction from leaders of several groups across the country and those based overseas.

“The groups have already relayed their desire to (support) 35th Sultan Phugdalum Kiram 11 — who is based in Jolo, Sulu. The movement will massively drum up support to the position of the Sultanate, the heirs, and the Philippine policy under President Duterte,” Idjirani said.

The movement will be launched in Metro Manila along with mass actions in several key cities in the country Idjirani added.

The Sultanate Secretary-General also said that he also make strong representations with countries that have forged trade and arms treaties with the Sultanate in the past.

Idjirani the countries he mentioned include the United States, Great Britain, China, and The Netherlands. (ia/SPH)