Fri. Jun 25th, 2021
Britain’s coronavirus wards now empty as number of people dying of Covid plummets by 99% since height of pandemic (Photo courtesy by MailOnline)


UNITED Kingdom — Many of Britain’s coronavirus wards are now empty as new figures have today revealed that the number of people in hospitals and dying from Covid-19 has plummeted by 99 per cent since the height of the pandemic.

Coronavirus death figures in hospitals have plummeted from 866 people a day at the height on April 10 of the pandemic to five last Thursday.

The number of people in hospital with Covid-19 has also plummeted by 96 per cent since the peak of the coronavirus pandemic, according to official data.

Under pressure hospital staff were treating more than 17,000 patients a day for coronavirus in England at the height of the pandemic in mid-April.

But as of August 6, official NHS England data shows staff were treating 700 Covid-19 patients.

It comes as it has been revealed some hospitals did not have a single coronavirus patient on their wards last week, with one top doctor suggesting that Britain is ‘almost reaching herd immunity’, according to The Sunday Times.

One doctor also described the downturn as ‘huge’ and said he did not expect a future increase in hospital admissions.

Doctor Ron Daniels, an intensive care consultant in Birmingham, told the Times: ‘I think that’s highly unlikely, because the pubs have been open for over a month, people have been interacting heavily during that time and the natural history of the disease is that and you are going to end up in hospital you are pretty much in hospital within 15 days of contracting it.

He also suggested the downturn could be due to the most vulnerable in the UK having contracted the virus in ‘March and April’ and that the virus may have become ‘less virulent’.  

It comes as preliminary figures today reveal a further ten people who tested positive for Covid-19 have died in Britain.

The latest figures – which only cover deaths in hospital – bring the UK’s total death toll during the pandemic to 46,576.

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