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Saul Alinski

In an article datelined January 28, 2012 appearing in the internet magazine The Soberano published from Washington DC, the author exposed the strategic morphing of the armed struggle of the Communist terrorist groups in the Philippines from a takeover of government by violent armed struggle to massive infiltrations accelerated by the elections and appointments.

Part 2: Aquino’s Pink Cabinet

The slow infiltration of the (Saul) Alinsky model of communism into our governmental system and metastasis of our democracy as we knew it, starts from page 294 of the book Movements and Democracy by Sidney Silliman and Lela Garner Noble, under the section “NGO Impact on the Political Process”.
With Akbayan as a template, the book said, “NGOs joined the progressive coalition at the national level, which in turn joined with the liberal Koalisyong Pambansa to contest the 1992 election”, citing some areas where they established initial success like Sorsogon, Aurora, Cebu City, Misamis Oriental, Davao, Negros Occidental, and General Santos.
Individual NGO leaders, however, are also recruited into government through the appointment process.
The book cites Joker Arroyo, Augusto Sanchez, Rene Saguisag, Karina-Constantino-David (wife of Inquirer columnist Randy David), and Delfin Ganapin as among those in the Cory Aquino Cabinet. Another one was Fulgencio Factoran. The Ramos cabinet also had Ernesto Garilao, Angel Alcala, Salvador Enriquez and Dr. Juan Flavier.
In turn, each appointee recruited NGO activists into his department.
The Akbayan website indicates that its “consultations on the party-building project began in 1994. Throughout the country, pro-democracy groups were enjoined to help shape the party concept and strategy.
Aspirations of various sectors –labor, peasants, youth, women, gay and lesbians, professionals, overseas Filipino workers, urban poor–were discussed and consolidated into a program of governance, while ad hoc structures were formed in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.
“Four years later, in January 1998, (under its new name) Akbayan Citizens Action Party was formally established through its Founding National Congress. In May of the same year, the new party tested its strength by participating in the local and party-list elections and won a seat in the House of Representatives, and several local government units.”
That 1998 congressional seat went to its first nominee, Etta Rosales.
In 2007, Gavin Shatkin in his Ashgate report, Collective Action and Urban Poverty Alleviation that surveyed organizations using the Alinsky model said “AKBAYAN, a social movement based political party …counts 19 mayors of small to medium-sized municipalities as party members.”
In the 2010 elections, it mustered one million votes for two seats in Congress and almost made to one Senate seat.
The attention on AKBAYAN is keen nowadays because Benigno Simeon Aquino III has populated his cabinet generously with their members since the NGO cum party-list coalesced with Aquino’s Liberal Party in the 2010 elections.
It appears that the Saul Alinsky orientation of the party-list Akbayan has become the soft spot of the sitting president and his point of identification with the Philippine ruling class and US President Barack Obama.       
Hatchetman for the bourgeoisie?
In the article Philippine ‘left’ and the constitutional crisis in the World Socialist Website (WSW) last December 20, 2011, Joseph Santolan said, “The ongoing constitutional crisis in the Philippines has revealed the bankrupt and unprincipled character of every section of the so-called ‘left.’
“Philippine President Benigno ‘Noynoy’ Aquino is carrying out a systematic assault on the judiciary and has dramatically expanded the power of the executive branch while conducting a political vendetta against former Philippine President Gloria Arroyo and her allies.
Santolan added “His anti-democratic onslaught has been both instigated and supported by Washington in the prosecution of its imperialist interests against China in the region.
At every turn, the various groups of the ‘left’ have provided Aquino with political cover and helped to carry forward his campaign.
“In the presidential election of 2010, each of the rival groups on the ‘left’ sought to ally itself with one of the bourgeois front-runner candidates. Each sought to barter its tatty radical credentials, supplying its candidate with a populist veneer, and in turn ride on his coattails into office should he win.
“Akbayan—an amalgamation of ex-Maoists, decrepit Stalinist holdovers from the sixties and social democrats of various stripes—managed to position themselves as the left flank of the Aquino campaign.
“Upon Aquino’s election, they received several choice bureaucratic appointments, including the role of leading presidential advisor. They have become Aquino’s political attack dogs.
“On every major issue, whenever the interests of the administration are at stake, one can expect to find a rally of support from Akbayan. They show up, cameras of the mass media conveniently at the ready, with their matching glossy expensive yellow posters, and chant slogans favoring Aquino.
“In July this year, Akbayan representative Walden Bello went to the disputed Spratly Islands and delivered a warmongering speech on behalf of the Aquino administration and the interests of US imperialism.
“Beyond the repetition of mealy-mouthed shibboleths about the interests of the poor, Akbayan has lost even the veneer of being ‘left-wing’. In an act of reprisal against the Aquino administration for its detention of Arroyo, who is patron to a majority of the justices, the Supreme Court ordered Aquino’s family land—Hacienda Luisita— redistributed.
“Akbayan responded with the most convoluted of political statements. They praised the Aquino administration’s Department of Agrarian Reform, called on Aquino to continue a supposed project of land reform, and demanded the overhaul of the Supreme Court.
“They have since staged numerous protests demanding the impeachment of Chief Justice Corona. In a privileged speech in the House of Representatives, Walden Bello demanded that the legislature impeach ‘the bastard.’
“Akbayan has become a hatchet-man for a section of the Philippine bourgeoisie, nothing more.”
Palace dangles Cabinet post to Jose Ma Sison  
As this creeping development continues below Aquino’s skin, a Cabinet position was being contemplated for Jose Maria Sison, the founder of the Communist Party of the Philippines who is in self-exile in The Netherlands.
“Joma [Sison] will be] home very soon on the invite of [the] government with [the] promise [of] a Cabinet [position]… allegedly for the purpose of national unification,” a military insider told the Manila Standard.
The source claims two cabinet officials and a personality from the so-called “rejectionists” or RJ, a political faction of the CPP, are asking the government to offer a Cabinet position to Sison and convince him to go home.
He says RJ and Reaffirmed or RA, another CPP faction, “are now working together” to that end despite their political differences.
Asked to comment, Maj. Gen. Eduardo del Rosario, head of the Armed Forces’ Civil Relations Service, said he was not aware of such a report on Sison. But he said, “That’s not believable, it could be propaganda to destroy or discredit the administration.” Del Rosario earlier said they were aware of the communists’ plan to lure the military into the open political battlefield.
Sison was arrested and jailed in November 1977 but was freed by Corazon Aquino after President Ferdinand Marcos was driven from power by the People Power Revolution in 1986. He then sought political asylum in The Netherlands.
Describing the reported surreptitious return of Maoist terrorist demi-god to the country, party-list representative Pastor Alcover Jr. of the Alliance for Nationalism and Democracy (ANAD) said “Sison is coming with all the trappings of a wily and devouring monster bent on tearing down his prey and putting him in control of the government and the Filipino people.”
According to the representative’s source, upon Sison’s return in time for the CPP’s 43rd founding anniversary on December 26, 2012, several instruments would be signed. “Foremost among these, is an instrument that would manifest both parties’ intent to draft an agreement on the sharing of power of government.
“In other words, a coalition government with the Maoist terrorists is in the works,” Alcover stressed.

Snake shedding its skin

Sison’s return did not, however, materialize.
And even if the extreme left tags as being “rejectionists”, Akbayan successfully reinvented itself into the mainstream of Filipino politics. Molting its skin, that presents a clear and present danger to our democracy,
The PowerPoint presentation on community organizing was gentle in its language. “It is their progressive realization of the power that they possess and the ability to influence the course of history…” the WSW read.
“Through the process of community organizing, people learn to overcome their powerlessness and develop their capacity to maximize their control over their situation and start to place the future in their own hands.”
The United States has allowed an expert of community organizing into its highest post, the presidency, in the person of Barack Obama.
In the Philippines, the president’s dalliance with community organizers has lent a common ground with a new aspect of communism, ironically being peddled to him, by the American left.
Why stage a violent revolution when the system can be imploded from within?
There is no hiding the fact that the strongest advocates of the “reproductive health” bill in the Philippine Congress is the Akbayan party-list. Through it, the party-list spat on the face of the Catholic Church and shoves its liberalist, Darwinist, homosexualist, secular humanistic agenda on the people.
Akbayan elements in the Aquino cabinet, have also successfully advised the sitting president to cut the military budget into half.
Its counterparts in media have also launched the campaign to arrest Jovito Salvana Palparan, the Congressman representing the Bantay party-list, who has been accused of masterminding the extrajudicial killings in the countryside when he was still a major general.
Other former key Armed Forces personnel are being vilified in media from human rights abuses to graft involving the military budget, and are being threatened of arrests.
Then the attacks on the institutions of democracy with the presidency coopting the lower house of Congress, and BS Aquino III allowing himself to be used to wield his powers to leverage congressmen, to impeach the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.
Amando Doronilla, dean of Filipino opinion writers called this a “soft coup”.
Aquino has unsheathed his sword, and continues to ride the tiger, unmindful of the saying that John F, Kennedy quoted in his famous inaugural address, “he who rides the back of the tiger, usually ends up inside.”
Spell this your way, but it looks like another power grab in the works, maybe even a dictatorship, this time by the rejectionist left.

(To be continued)

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