Wed. Jul 28th, 2021
Peter Roncales arrives home after 10 long days on the road with his reliable bicycle

MANILA – Here’s one for the record books amid the pandemic.

He could have raised enough money by soliciting from relatives but this teenager braved through it all and pedaled his way back home to Oras, Eastern Samar.

The trek which usually takes at least 24 hours by bus or private car, took the teenager 10 long days bicycle ride from Metro Manila to Eastern Samar just to come home to his family.

Since the first announcement of enhanced community quarantine, provincial buses stopped plying their routes.

This left Peter Roncales, a 19-year-old resident of Oras, Eastern Samar, no option but to embark on a daunting task, and a busload too of adventure.

Roncales arrived at the boundary of Taft town at around 7 in the evening on Monday 21 September.

According to a social media post of Christian Evardone, Roncales told the staff manning the checkpoint that it took him 10 days to travel by bicycle from Paranaque to the boundary of Eastern Samar.

He said he decided to come home by bicycle because he has no money to pay the fare and he lost his job in Metro Manila.

Roncales was picked at the checkpoint of Taft by personnel of the local government unit of Oras and was immediately brought to the town’s isolation facility for a mandatory 14-day quarantine.

Above all else, Roncales will go down in history as the first Waray-waray to brave through it all, rain and shine, and the threat of coronavirus too, for 10-long days aboard his bicycle.

Roughly, Roncales must have covered a distance of at least 925 kilometers.

That is what my odometer tells me whenever I drive home to my hometown of Sulat, Eastern Samar, some three years back.

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