Wed. Jul 28th, 2021
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President Rodrigo Roa Duterte is the most admired man in the Philippines based on an annual study by British market research and data analytics firm YouGov.

Reported by the Presidential Communications Operations Office Global Media Affairs over the weekend, it said the YouGov polls recorded the President receiving an overall rating of 19.67 percent over other prominent men in the country.

“The London-based group’s annual survey compiled the list by gathering open-ended nominations from panelists across 42 countries and territories,” it posted on Twitter.

“Other notable Filipino politicians who ranked high on the list were Senator Manny Pacquiao and Manila Mayor Isko Moreno,” it added.

Other notable Filipino men in YouGov’s list were Pacquiao in second place and Moreno in third.

The YouGov’s 2020 study, released on September 23, gathered nominations from January to March this year by asking the question: “Thinking about people alive in the world today, which man or woman do you most admire?”

Based on the results, the British firm compiled the men who received the most nominations and were nominated in at least four states.

An additional five to 10 popular figures were added for individual countries.

Using the list, the poll respondents were asked the following questions: “Who do you truly admire?” and “Who do you most admire?”

“By asking respondents two questions, we can understand both the breadth (i.e. global reach) and the intensity of a person’s support,” YouGov said in explaining its methodology.

The survey results showed that Duterte has an admiration score of 19.67 percent, followed by Pacquiao with 10.65 percent, and Moreno with 7.96 percent. PIA

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